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Saturday, March 23, 2013

God Bless America!


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Evil Gravitates Towards Evil

The Heartwarming Story of a Blind Dog Living in a Trash Pile

Exercise Your Rights

The Hindenburg Floats By The Empire State Building

Taken in 1936, the Empire State Building’s art deco-inspired spire wasn’t only for show. As it was intended, the top several floors of the building were actually intended to be a terminal for zeppelins. However, as updrafts proved dangerous and the location impractical, designers abandoned their sky-high ambitions.

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Crony Capitalism


The Nobility Of Mobility

Other Manufacturers will follow Magpul from Gun Grabbing Colorado

Ammunition magazine manufacturer Magpul Industries said it plans to begin leaving Colorado "almost immediately," and other firms may follow suit in the wake of a new law that limits ammunition magazine capacities.

"Our moving efforts are underway," Magpul chief operating officer Doug Smith said Wednesday. "Within the next 30 days we will manufacture our first magazine outside the state of Colorado."
One of three gun-control bills signed Wednesday by Gov. John Hickenlooper prohibits the sale of gun magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.
Erie-based Magpul, with about 200 workers, is the largest Colorado company that potentially would be affected by the bill.
Magpul said earlier this week in a Facebook posting that it " will start our transition out of state almost immediately." The company also posted, "We will likely become a multi-state operation as a result of this move, and not all locations have been selected."
The firm's departure could have a ripple effect on companies that supply parts and materials to Magpul.
"We're basically going to follow Magpul and do our best to continue being a supplier for them," said Lloyd Lawrence, owner of Denver-based Lawrence Tool & Molding. "It will probably be out of state."
Lawrence said about 50 to 60 percent of his business comes from supplying magazine parts to Magpul. He said that, ideally, the company could continue to manufacture parts in Colorado and then open an out-of-state facility where the parts would be assembled.
Lawrence said he doesn't yet know how many of his 82 employees would choose to relocate if the company moves out of Colorado.
Manufacturers could continue to make large-capacity magazines if they stamp them with dates and serial numbers.
That provision is impractical and potentially expensive, said Mark Passamaneck, owner of Wheat Ridge-based Carbon Arms, a manufacturer of parts and accessories for firearms.
He said the five-employee firm may consider moving out of state if the magazine capacity law is not overturned by future legislation or constitutional amendments.

From The Denver Post

Girls With Guns

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Late Night Ladies

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Work Hard Serfs

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'Catch Me If You Can' conman warns over Facebook fraud

Frank Abagnale, the former conman portrayed in the Spielberg film Catch Me If You Can, has warned that data posted on Facebook is an invitation to identity thieves.

By Christopher Williams, Technology Correspondent 11:41 AM 21 Mar 20134 

He said the world’s biggest social network makes fraud easier, but blamed naïve members rather than Facebook itself, The Guardian reports.
"If you tell me your date of birth and where you're born [on Facebook] I'm 98 per cent [of the way] to stealing your identity," he said.
"Never state your date of birth and where you were born [on personal profiles], otherwise you are saying 'come and steal my identity'."
Abagnale, who now works as a security consultant, was the target of a US federal manhunt in the 1960s as he posed as an airline pilot, doctor and attorney to steal millions of dollars.
“What I did 40 years ago as a teenage boy is 4,000 times easier now,” he said, although he lamented that children lack some of the skill he developed because of their dependence on technology.

“If you took a child in London and took their iPhone and took them somewhere else in the country they'd probably not be able to find their way back. That's a shame,” he said.

Speaking at the Advertising Week conference in London, he urged Facebook members to educate themselves and their children about the risks of giving away personal information online.

“I'm not on it [Facebook, but] I have no problem with it,” he said. “I have three sons on it. I totally understand why people like it. But like every technology you have to teach children, it is an obligation of society to teach them how to use it carefully.”

"What [people] say on a Facebook page stays with them,” he said. "Every time you say you 'like' or 'don't like' you are telling someone [things like] your sexual orientation, ethnic background, voting record.”
A recent study showed that Facebook likes could be analysed to accurately determine such sensitive information even when members had chosen not to reveal it explicitly.

Now 64 years old, Abagnale, who was portrayed on screen by Leonardo Dicaprio, said he had paid back every penny he stole in his youth and rejected offers of Presidential pardons. Since his release from prison in 1974 he has advised the FBI on fraud and identity theft scams.

Found Here.

A Magical Machine

Speak Out Now While You Still Can

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The Value Of Being Armed...

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U.S. Citizens Must Always Come First

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The First Computer

The Left Really Wants This

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

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False Prophet

The Difference is Obvious, The One On The Right Loves Her Country...

Pathological Liar, Whiner and a Sociopath

In Law, Plaintiffs have an “obligation to reduce damages”. This means that they should take steps to reduce or avoid any further damages that might be connected to any incident. This President is intentionally inflicting as much damage as he can. He is a Pathological Liar, a whiner and a Sociopath.

Ever Wonder Why The Approval Rating For Congress Is So Low?

It's not rocket science, Rand Paul Lays out some of the issues in an effective concise speech before the Senate here.

Girls With Guns

Should Pelosi and Biden Be Ex-Communicated?

Before he became Pope Francis, the Argentine cardinal’s doctrine would have excluded Vice President Joe Biden and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi from Communion. Father Shenan J. Boquet president of Human Life International explains:
While we cannot know what is truly in someone’s heart, all too often political or other high-profile figures who profess to be members of the Catholic faith give rise to scandal when they publicly promote intrinsic evils such as abortion, euthanasia, the redefinition of marriage, and contraception–several of which have been championed by Vice President Biden and Rep. Pelosi throughout their political careers.

Obama, Uncle Sam Has An Appendage To Show You....