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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Girls With Guns

Beware This Swarming, Migrating Species...

Uploading the first 5 MByte hard disk to a Pan Am plane, 1956

A 1 Terabyte Hard Drive that you can buy today for about eighty bucks is about 1 million times larger than this...

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Expose Yourself To Your Deepest Fear...

...after that, you are free.

- Jim Morrison Quotes

* assuming of course, if you survive. 

Riders on the Storm: I love the sound of rain and thunder at the beginning and then throughout this song. If this song comes on the radio when I am driving and it is raining, it is a magical feeling..this being said, I ignore the sinister aspects of the song and the stories about it...

Hoping For The Best..

Now This Looks Like Fun...

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Binders Full Of Women...

Abused, harassed women, unsupported by big media: nay; abandoned, condemned and demonized by big media.

In Serbia, 708 people have been placed under surveillance for Ebola!

BELGRADE - The Serbian Ministry of Health announced today that as part of measures for the prevention of the introduction of the Ebola virus in Serbia, under medical supervision put 708 people out of which 92 have traveled to areas threatened by the disease.

After the appearance of the first cases of Ebola disease in the territory of Europe, it is necessary to intensify the measures taken so far within the ...


Researchers have found that EBOLA INFECTED ZOMBIES can show no symptoms of the disease and still transmit the Ebola virus by air if droplets containing the virus are transmitted to another person by a sneeze or cough.

Why do we allow passengers from West Africa to come to the United States? Whose child has to PAINFULLY die of the EBOLA VIRUS before the United States Government stops EBOLA ZOMBIES, and passengers from Ebola infected countries from entering the United States?

Barack Obama and his cronies have have filled leadership positions in Washington with his radical leftist friends and ideologues. These people are patently unqualified to lead a trip to the water fountain. Get these idiots out and put some adults in place to protect American Families from the serious issues that we face, including plagues and pandemics.

Much of the fundamental research on Ebola, including the conditions under which asymptomatic carriers of the disease can infect others, has yet to be conducted and reported in peer-reviewed medical .....

Morning Mistress

IFL # N-8

Hot Pick Of The Late Night

Friday, October 10, 2014

Girls With Guns

Bots Don't Last Forever..

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Is Obama is Complicit in the Murder of Five Children?

TheConservativeTreehouse.com made the connection between the EV-D68 outbreak and the thousands of illegal immigrant children who have arrived in the U.S. this year in an article Sunday titled “Obama is Complicit in the Murder of Five Children – Illegal South American Immigrants Introduce Deadly Virus to U.S. Children.”

No Worries, Obama Is Safe From Ebola...

Carl Akeley posed with the leopard he killed with his bare hands after it attacked him, 1896

Carl Akeley - Mensch

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The Majesty Of Nature..

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The Marxist Agenda...

How The World Sees Obama..

Obama: You Can't Get Ebola 'Sitting Next to Someone on a Bus;' CDC: 'Avoid Public Transportation'

(CNSNews.com) - Speaking in a video message to residents of West African countries currently experiencing outbreaks of Ebola, President Barack Obama dispensed advice on how residents can avoid the disease, including:"You cannot get it through casual contact like sitting next to someone on a bus."

At the same time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is advising Americans who travel to the Ebola-stricken nations to "avoid public transportation."

“First, Ebola is not spread through the air like the flu,” Obama said in the video released by the White House Thursday. “You cannot get it through casual contact like sitting next to someone one a bus. You cannot get it from another person until they start showing symptoms of the disease, like fever.”

Obama also said that “the most common way you can get Ebola is...

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Sweden Begins To Realise What A Serious Muslim Infiltration Means

Obama/Holder plan puts criminals back on the streets..

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Vintage Horror..

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Girls With Guns

Bug Out Location Porn..

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Aristotle On The Last Virtues Of A Dying Society...

Aristotle On Egalitarianism...

CNN's Intelligence Report...

Confederate and Union soldiers shake hands across the wall at the 1938 reunion for the Veterans of the Battle of Gettysburg

5 Medical Innovations of the Civil War

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This Is How We Stop Obama's Plan For America..

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Obama Assuring Americans Not To Worry About An African Threat To America

John Kerry Also Wants To Reassure Us...

October 9th: No More Che Day...

Che Guevara. He dedicated his life to taking freedom away from mankind, impoverishing the rich and the poor, removing opportunities from human beings, and destroying the human spirit. May he burn in the hottest cauldron of hell.

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Short: Fortress

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Women With Weapons

Why Do We Need AR-15's?

Because Adults Needs Legos Too...
oh, and yeah, it is a fundamental inalienable constitutional right which may NOT be infringed.

On Pretty Ladies..

Rand Paul On Due Process..

More Rand Paul:

OBAMA: License To Kill

Che Guevara and Fidel Castro fishing, 1960

Doing research on the lives of the Bourgeoisie no doubt...

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How To Steal A Flat Screen TV...

Look at the sign on the front of the store...I'm thinking it is a clever ad..
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Criminal Negligence..

More Criminal Negligence HERE:

Criminal Negligence..

How To Enable A Coward...

Praying For Obama...

Keynesian Problems...

More Keynesian Fun:

Keynesian Economics In Action...

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