90 Miles From Tyranny : Expose Yourself To Your Deepest Fear...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Expose Yourself To Your Deepest Fear...

...after that, you are free.

- Jim Morrison Quotes

* assuming of course, if you survive. 

Riders on the Storm: I love the sound of rain and thunder at the beginning and then throughout this song. If this song comes on the radio when I am driving and it is raining, it is a magical feeling..this being said, I ignore the sinister aspects of the song and the stories about it...


  1. Obama, with Ebola, doing my IRS audit, after Michelle fixes me lunch??

  2. Ah, but I think you miss the point. Zero, ebola, tainted food... nothing, nothing at all, like what can hurt you for real and forever. Conquer the mirror and you may pass. Fail, and you will join them, here or there, if as always, above as below. Do not fail to see the truth. None can harm you, in sooth, save you.


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