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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Marxist Agenda...


  1. Marxism can only survive off of misery. Happiness, love, fulfillment, success, are all personal things that are detrimental to collective thought.

  2. I'm sorry but from what I've read so far of your blog you clearly don't read much or know much about politics in general. For starters did you know that Marxism and liberal democrats ARE NOT the same thing? Sure, maybe they took some inspiration from Karl Marx, but they're still supporting capitalism just as much you ignorant right-wingers.

    1. Socialism and communism are pretty specifically AGAINST - racism, capitalism, sexism and most other negative isms that exist (in-fact ALL true left-wingers are, sure you're really right-wing?)
    2. Right-wing politics SPECIFICALLY needs capitalism to survive - FACT - all right-wing parties support the repression of individuals through capitalism, class warfare and sexism (how many females are currently in major positions in the Conservative parties of America and Britain? Now compare that with the liberals - we win)
    3. Nationalist parties are RIGHT - WING, that surely tells you something right there - Hitler is on YOUR side, who's on ours? Oh, only most of the greatest minds of the past 1000 years? John Milton, Karl Marx, Jimmi Hendrix, Jean Jaques Reousseau?

  3. Soo... you are saying..Democrats and Marxism is not the same thing, one of my heroes is Karl Marx. Nice logic.
    Karl Marx, the man whose philosophy is responsible for millions and millions and millions of deaths.
    Collectivists like you take away individual rights, including the right to live. Individualists like me elevate the right to live, and freedom.
    You and your death cult of collectivism both suck, you ignorant Marxist slut.

  4. The NAZIS were/are National socialists, that is left- wing ! Today must be Opposite Day, everything you claim for your left-wingers is just the opposite.


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