90 Miles From Tyranny : 2013-02-10

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Vintage Graphics - 1961

Keep training 'em

Watching The Neighbors...

Thomas Jefferson Quotes

My Security System Is Finally Installed...

Two Camps

May Cause Epileptic Episodes.

Liberty is not Negotiable

The Ambush is set. We Wait. Ready.

The Big Mistake - Part II

As Europe Allows Itself to Be Destroyed From Within...

Will America Follow?

All The President's Enemies

Dear IRS - Please Cancel My Subscription...

Girls with Guns

See Action Now!

Western Unity

Change is Good

The Corrupt State

The Great Robbery

Paul Krugman Reminds Me Of A Perverted Little Elf

That has a horrible little secret that he thinks you know he has, but he is never called on his horrible little secret so he sits there with this evil little guilty smirk on his face, that horrible pregnant little smirk like he knows that a bucket of water is about to be dumped on you and he sits there waiting for it to hit you and he can barely contain his glee at this proposition.  He is a disturbing little man.  He is a sick, scary, awful little perverted elf.

MSNBC is an IQ waiting to happen...

Andy Levy Takes Down Chris Brown And His Enablers

This is so Funny, Sad and True at the Same Time...

Hello Mr. President

Excellent Argument Against Banning Standard Capacity Magazines

From Military Arms Channel

I Can Hold My Own.

The Nobel Peace Prize...

Politicians Are The Lowest Form Of Life On Earth...

I Have No Context on This...

I am a law abiding citizen. For now.

Tree House Porn

Judge Prez

Continuing to show the ludicrosity of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Gun Porn


Be strong, steadfast, think for yourself.

Morning Mistress

Lovely Ladies

Lingerie Ladies

Country Girls

Latex Ladies

Margaret Lee - Vintage

Ladies Late At Night

Vintage Movie

Late Night Ladies

Friday, February 15, 2013


Great Article from the Fearless Pamela Geller: