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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Girls With Guns

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Biden Climate Appointee Studied at CCP-Controlled University Linked to Chinese Military

Joe Biden's latest climate appointee studied at a Chinese Communist Party-controlled university that conducts research for the People's Liberation Army.

Biden this week tapped Dr. Yue (Nina) Chen to serve as chief climate risk officer for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, where she will develop "climate risk management frameworks for the federal banking system." Chen earned her chemical engineering degree from Tsinghua University, which one think tank deems a "very high risk" because of its involvement in a "high level of defense research and alleged involvement in cyberattacks" on behalf of the Chinese military. Tsinghua conducts research on "artificial intelligence, air-to-air missiles, navigation technology, instrument science, and materials science," according to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Chen, who previously held a climate regulator position at the New York State Department of Financial Services, is a proponent of "environmental, social, and governance" guidelines, a socially progressive approach to investing known as ESG. Under ESG, investment managers and insurance companies gauge companies' risk based on their commitment to progressive goals in the areas of diversity and climate change. Chen spoke at a panel last year on the topic of pressuring industries to "finally leave fossil fuels behind" and redirect their investments "toward solving the climate crisis."

Chen is not the first Biden nominee for the bank regulator to have studied at a Communist-run university. Saule Omarova, whom Biden nominated last year to oversee the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, earned a "Lenin scholarship" at Moscow State University in the late 1980s. The White House pulled Omarova's nomination after Democratic senators said they would oppose her confirmation because of her support for ending the country's reliance on fossil fuels. Omarova has said she wants to "starve" companies of money to invest in the fossil fuel industry.

Will Hild, the executive director of Consumers' Research, expressed concerns over Chen, citing her education at "CCP training grounds." He said her appointment is part of Biden's effort to establish controversial "environmental, social, and governance" policies at...

Calls grow among prominent figures to create a new 'Church Committee' to probe FBI abuses

From bureau veterans to key lawmakers in Congress, the notion of an independent review is growing in urgency.

half century ago, Americans held grave concerns that J. Edgar Hoover's FBI and other U.S. intelligence agencies had abused civil rights, improperly targeted enemies and illegally gathered evidence, so Congress set out on a great cleansing mission. It formed a special committee chaired by Idaho Sen. Frank Church that laid bare the wrongdoing, overhauled the bureau and created new guardrails to protect civil liberties.

A growing number of influential figures in Washington are arguing it's time for another Church Committee after a tumultuous six years in which the FBI admitted it misled the FISA court while spying on Donald Trump's campaign, had executives who lied, doctored evidence or usurped prosecutors' authority, and employed agents who dropped the ball on a sexual abuse scandal involving Olympians and overcollected evidence in a raid of a former president's home.

The revelation this week that the bureau secretly paid a Russian businessman as a confidential informant against Trump even though he was suspected of lying and having ties to the Kremlin's intelligence agencies only accelerated support for a sweeping, independent probe of the FBI now under the control of Director Christopher Wray.

"I think, frankly, it would be great for the FBI," Kevin Brock, the bureau's first-ever intelligence chief, said of the notion of a new Church Committee. "They find themselves obviously in a very challenging situation, some of which they brought on themselves, others kind of imposed upon them.

"But they find themselves in a place right now where well over the half the country believes they're working on behalf of one political party over another," he said during a...

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US Navy Quietly Cancels Vaccine Requirement Order For SEALs

The US Navy quietly rolled back Trident Order #12, an order denying religious exemptions for covid vaccinations, a few months after an injunction was issued by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in early 2022 as part of an ongoing lawsuit brought by First Liberty Institute. The suit was initiated on behalf of 35 active-duty SEALS and three reservists seeking exemptions to the mandate due to the possibility of covid vaccines being developed using cells and tissues from aborted fetuses.

This information has only become publicly available after a new filing in the case this week. Trident Order #12 made any non-compliant SEALS and other troops impossible to deploy and designated them as medically disqualified. This development runs in tandem with a growing trend among government institutions; they back away from their original draconian mandates but in a manner that reduces media exposure and avoids any admission that the mandates are unconstitutional.

A communication order was circulated by the Navy on May 23 with the subject: "NSWC CLOSEOUT TO TRIDENT ORDER #12 - MANDATORY VACCINATION FOR COVID-19." NSWC refers to the Naval Special Warfare Command:

"This order rescinds reference A," it states, referring to "Ref A" as "Trident Order #12 on COVID-19 Vaccinations."

The May 23 communication order also said Navy commands "will continue to follow guidance, as appropriate, regarding COVID-19 vaccination, accommodation requests, and mitigation measures."

The Navy along with every other branch of the US military is facing a severe recruitment crisis, with a record low number of Americans eligible to serve. In particular, far too many potential recruits are unable to meet the physical requirements to complete basic training. This has led to discussions on lowering standards, but even this would not solve low recruitment numbers for special operations and SEALS, which require highly capable candidates regardless.

An implosion in recruitment may have partially contributed to the Navy's abandonment of vax restrictions, along with the flood of scientific evidence showing that...

Morning Mistress


The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #1144

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #1844

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

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Friday, September 16, 2022

Girls With Guns

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Mike Lindell Is Suing the FBI and the Government for Violating His Rights. Pay Attention.

Mike Lindell wants more than just his phone back. Following the incident in Minnesota during which agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation blocked his vehicle at a Hardee’s drive-through and seized his phone, Lindell made an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room. He announced that he was filing a lawsuit against the FBI and the government. You can watch Lindell’s conversation with Bannon posted by The Post Millennial below.

Lindell makes the point that his phone is what he uses to run his company and that it even controls his hearing aids. As someone who wears hearing aids, I had the option of connecting mine to my phone and even activating the Bluetooth feature. But while I don’t need to pair my ears with my phone, Lindell chose to do so. And for better or worse (probably worse), our lives are now almost inextricably linked to our phones. While that says more about the continuing decline of Western Civilization than anything else, let’s face it: we’d all be lost without our phones, no matter how erudite we think we may be.

Lindell noted that he had already turned over his phone records during the Dominion lawsuit. And to be honest, the FBI could have easily accessed all of his phone and internet records, particularly under Merrick Garland.

I’ve never watched Lindell.TV, and I’ve never been a huge Lindell fan, although we did buy a pair of My Pillows. They’re okay. A little too fluffy for me. We bought one of his dog beds, and the dog chewed it up. But that’s beside the point. Lindell, even if leftists and a few people on the right disparage him, makes a valid observation about the infringement of his rights. This was more than gathering evidence under a warrant. This was meant to intimidate him. And by extension, everyone else. Including you and including me.

Pay attention when people Democrats like Tim Ryan say it is time to “kill and confront” the MAGA movement. I’m not even a MAGA person, and that made me raise my eyebrows. Pay attention when Joe Biden tees off on MAGA Republicans. Pay attention to stories like those of...

Just as quickly as they arrived, the Martha's Vineyard immigrants have been politely kicked off the island by the inclusive-and-tolerant rich white liberals

The tolerant and "diversity is our strength" liberals in Martha's vineyard couldn't even last one day with their new visitors from across the southern border before they brought in the buses and began deportation.
Yeah, the illegal immigrants arrived late Wednesday night, and by Friday morning the buses have rolled in to ship off the undesirables to another location.

Probably the closest Republican city nearby.

They may have only been there for a day, but the white liberals are just so dang friendly that they've made lifelong friends with their surprise visitors.
You just have to love the Boston Globe reporter's framing. It's a bittersweet goodbye, but sadly the poor migrants journey must continue to someplace far, far, far away from the rich white liberals.

Seriously, let's put this in perspective.

Border towns in Texas and Arizona have been dealing with THOUSANDS of new immigrants every...

The Real Cruelties For Illegal Migrants Lie In Biden’s Open Border Policies, Not A Trip To Martha’s Vineyard

Leftist outrage at transporting illegal immigrants to “sanctuary” cities ought to be directed toward Biden’s inhumane border policies.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis previously promised to send illegal border crossers to states and cities that claim to be “sanctuaries” for them, so it should have come as no surprise to anyone when two planes of migrants landed at Martha’s Vineyard Airport in Massachusetts on Wednesday.

The meltdown that followed the migrants’ journey to one of the wealthiest communities in The Bay State was of epic proportions. By Thursday morning, every DC, Twitter, and corporate media leftist not only expressed awareness of the effects of the Southern border crisis that has plagued the nation for more than a year and a half, but they had the audacity to claim that it was “evil,” “inhumane,” “disgusting,” and “cruel” to ship migrants to the doorsteps of a millionaire magnet community.

(Never mind that President Joe Biden has shipped illegal migrants, mostly children, into the U.S. for months now without much attention or scrutiny from the press or Democrats.)

The real cruelty, of course, is not a flight to one of the wealthiest communities in the U.S. but it’s President Joe Biden’s border crisis which has become so out of control that Republican governors have to resort to drastic measures to get the administration and its allies’ attention.

It’s difficult to calculate just how many tragedies have occurred at the U.S.-Mexico border under Biden, especially since the Biden administration issued an unofficial gag order to keep the crisis quiet, but it’s no secret that Democrats’ open border policies have long proved deadly. At least 650 migrants died trying to illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border in 2021. Hundreds more have lost their lives in 2022, many to drowning. Americans, including a Texas National Guard soldier who tragically drowned in the Rio Grande River while trying to rescue illegal border crossers from the water, have also lost their lives.

On top of that, crime at the border, including rampant drug trafficking, is on the rise.

This dangerous, fatal environment was fostered by the current president. Not only did Biden spend day one of his presidency actively dismantling the border security provisions enacted by the Trump administration, but he essentially welcomed illegal border crossers into the U.S. by promising the return of...

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