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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Girls With Guns

When Your Concern's Are Misplaced...


Coward Sucker Punches Random White Dude In The Bronx...


Truer Words Were Never Uttered...

Check Out This Article On Milton Friedman:

Milton Friedman: The Forgotten History of the Godfather of Conservative Libertarianism

These Words He Speaks Are True, We're All Humanary Stew, If We Don't Pledge Allegiance To - The Leftist Orthodoxy...

The horror that he brings 
the horror of his sting 
the unholiest of kings 
the black widow
Our minds will be his toy 
and every girl and boy 
will learn to be employed 
by the black widow
Love me yes we love me love him 
yes we love him love me 
yes we love him ahahahaha
He sits upon this throne 
and picks at all the bones 
of his husbands and his wives 
he's devoured
He stares with a gleam 
with a laugh so obscene 
at the virgins and the children
he's deflowered

Poll Which Correctly Called 2016 Election Sees Another "Shocking" Outcome In November

With Election Day less than a month away, we look at which party will likely control the White House, Senate and House in 2020… and what to watch for on Election Night.

Currently, the major polls give former Vice President Biden more than a 9-point lead nationally against President Trump – according to RealClearPolitics National Average.

And the Predictit markets imply a 67% probability of Biden winning on November 3rd. Additionally, those markets suggest that Democrats will win both the Senate and House (66% and 88% probabilities, respectively). Quite simply, it appears that a Blue Wave is fast approaching, something which the market has not only priced in, but has successfully digested as a favorable narrative for risk assets.

It would be easy to simply close the books and call the November contest over. But, of course, the major polls were all wrong in 2016; notably about the presidential race.

In the following Election Review from Camelot Portfolios, we look at what some of the polling firms that called 2016 correctly are seeing today. "Shocking", their polling suggests that President Trump will be re-elected, either narrowly or by a large margin. Therefore, as Camelot notes, "capital allocators today cannot easily assume next month’s results."

It’s very possible that Trump will win Florida, North Carolina and Arizona. If so, a win in Pennsylvania or Michigan will likely put him over the top in the electoral college. And speaking of "shocking", Camelot notes that as far as the Senate and House are concerned, it also appears that Republicans will keep control of the Senate, especially if Trump has a strong night. On the other hand, the House is...

Things Our Global Masters Dislike:


Is The ATF Trying To Undermine The Trump Campaign With Honey Badger Decision?

by Cam Edwards
My colleague Tom Knighton has already outlined some of the problems with the ATF’s decision to classify the Honey Badger AR-15 pistol from gunmaker Q, LLC, as a “short-barreled rifle” subject to the National Firearms Act, and on today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co we delve deeper into the issue with Alex Bosco, the founder and CEO of SB Tactical.

Bosco’s been dealing with the ATF over their vague and arbitrary determinations regarding pistol braces since 2015, when the ATF issued a ruling declaring that owners of pistols equipped with forearm braces could illegally turn their firearms into short-barreled rifles by shouldering the brace.

In 2017, the ATF reversed course and issued an advisory letter stating that “attaching the brace to a handgun as a forearm brace does not “make” a short-barreled rifle” by itself, but if the owner of the handgun “takes affirmative steps to configure the device for use as a shoulder-stock,” then that gun owner has “objectively ‘redesigned’ the firearm for purposes of the National Firearms Act.”

Bosco says that new standard wasn’t perfect, but at least it was workable. Over the next few years he met multiple times with the agency in an attempt to get the agency to publicly release standards that gunmakers could follow to ensure that they stay within...

When A Watched Pot Boils Faster....


Barbie Goes Woke, Preaches on Racism and White Privilege With Her Friend Nikki In New Vlog

I Think I'll call this "racesplaining"

ABC is reporting that ‘Barbie’ used her YouTube channel to talk about racism and white privilege with her friend Nikki. Nikki is Barbie’s first black best friend and joined the doll line up back in 1996.

The vlog post has millions of views now and as you might expect is receiving massive amounts of praise by the left.

But, I have a major question: Why is Barbie talking to kids about racism and white privilege? Isn’t this a subject that should be up to the parents to explain to their children?

Hypothetically, my daughter logs on to see the latest accessories for her Barbie, and she gets inundated with the idea that because she is a white child, people assume that she hates those that don’t look like her. Also, because of the color of her skin, she inherently has an advantage over those with different skin tones.

Apparently, the people at Mattel think Barbie is the appropriate avenue to teach children these lessons. Because I am surely not going to teach my children that they should feel wrong about the color of...

When The Election Is Over, He's Staying In The Basement!


California AG Won't Review Suicide Findings in Bizarre Death of Rebecca Zahau

California Attorney General Kamala Harris has decided that she won't review the San Diego County Sheriff Department's findings that the bizarre death of Rebecca Zahau, the girlfriend of Scottsdale-based Medicis CEO Jonah Shacknai, was a suicide.

Earlier this week, Shacknai wrote Harris a letter asking her to review the case -- not because he didn't agree that the death was a suicide, but to "further enhance the public's confidence in the integrity of the law-enforcement process and finally bring closure to these terrible tragedies."

In Harris' reply to Shacknai's letter -- provided to New Times by the California Department of Justice -- Harris says the AG's Office only reviews cases handled by local law enforcement "under very narrow circumstances."

See the full letter below:

Dear Mr. Shacknai:

Thank you for your September 19 letter to Attorney General Kamala Harris, who sends her condolences for your profound loss. On behalf of both the Attorney General and her staff, we offer our sympathy for the tragedy that is the reason for your correspondence. Your letter requests an inquiry into the investigation that was conducted by the San Diego County Sheriff's Office. The California Department of Justice would review a local investigation under very narrow circumstances. Some of the factors that are considered before committing the state's scarce resources include whether a clear conflict of interest exists, whether a local law enforcement agency has requested assistance, whether local investigative resources have been exhausted, and whether there are allegations of gross malfeasance by the investigative agency. Based on a review of your request, we must decline your invitation to review this investigation at this time.

Please accept our sincerest condolences for your tragic loss, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Dane R. Gillette

For Kamala D. Harris.

Earlier this month, the SDCSD ruled the death was a suicide, despite the bizarre factors of her death -- for example, when she was found, Zahau was naked and had her hands and feet bound behind her back, and there was a cryptic message written on the door to the room where her body was found.

Zahau's body was found by Shacknai's brother just days after the CEO's son, Max, was rushed to a hospital in critical condition after falling down a flight of stairs in the mansion. Zahau was caring for the boy at the time of the fall.

Max Shacknai later died from his injuries.

"Were these deaths the result of criminal conduct? Was Max's death a homicide? The answer is no," San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore said at a press conference earlier this month. "It was a tragic accident. Was Rebecca's death a homicide? Again the answer is no. It was a suicide ... These deaths were not the result of any criminal acts."

Despite the ruling, Zahau's apparent suicide remains controversial for a lot of reasons.

Aside from being found bound behind her back, naked, and hanging from a balcony, Zahau's autopsy revealed several unexplained head injuries a renowned forensic pathologist says don't necessarily support the theory that Zahau hung herself.

Pathologist Cyril Wecht reviewed Zahua's entire autopsy report. He finds the following:

"She has subgaleal hemorrhages; those are hemorrhages on the undersurface of the scalp. I see no reason why she should have those. You get those when your head strikes something or is struck by something."

Brain hemorrhaging could have happened when Zahau was cut down from the balcony -- she may have hit her head -- but it wouldn't have happened in four different places in the brain, Wecht concludes.

"Even if (her) scalp hit bushes, that kind of impact would not produce subgaleal hemorrhage," Wecht continues. "We're talking about contusions on the top of the head. So, even as the body is falling down - let's say there are branches - how do you get bruises on the top of the head as the body is falling vertically downward?"

Another tidbit the San Diego County Sheriff's Department left out during its press conference announcing its findings that Zahau's death was a suicide is a message left in black paint on a door near the room where Zahau was found hanging.

The SDCSD mentioned a message during the press conference, but wouldn't tell reporters what it said.

That message, the autopsy reveals, was the following: "She saved him can you save her?"

The message could possibly be referencing Max Shacknai. However, it seems if Zahau were the person who'd written the message, it would say...

So President Trump Did Not Win The Nobel Peace Prize...


Good Thing!

Morning Mistress

The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #436

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #1136

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

Hot Pick Of The Late Night

Friday, October 9, 2020



Girls With Guns

Joe Biden Woke Up A 1 Pm Today And....


Smooth Talking Lying Hypocrites Are The Absolute Worst...


I Guess It Depends On Who Your God Is...


What Is The Difference Between Senator Richard Blumenthal And Jane Fonda?

This Is What Happens When Your Intended Victim Has A Gun...

Self Defense Is A Human Right..

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Gallup: Majority Say They Are Better Off Under Trump Than Obama/Biden

Highest number on record

Pollster Gallup has found that a majority of 56% of Americans feel that they are better off now under Donald Trump’s presidency than they were four years ago under Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The survey recorded the highest number of Americans in history saying that they feel in a better position 4 years into an incumbent’s presidency:

Given that in all but one of the examples above, where the number is much lower than 56%, the incumbent was re-elected, the findings bode very well for Trump.

The President responded to the findings in a tweet:

While the majority is a good sign for Trump, the figure was even higher back in February, before the coronavirus pandemic. Back then, 61% expressed more satisfaction than they had four years previously.

Given the current circumstances, it is rather startling to find that more Americans think they are better off now, and portrays how effective Trump’s presidency has...

Awesome Moments In History:


DESTROYED: Tons of Trump mail-in ballot applications SHREDDED in back of tractor trailer headed for Pennsylvania

A man in Indiana took video of a tractor trailer full of shredded mail-in ballot application mailers with Trump’s face on them that were destined for Pennsylvania. Here are the two videos he recorded:

Just to be clear, these are only application mailers and not official ballots. But still, this is pretty incredible.

For someone to go to this much trouble to destroy hundreds, possibly thousands of these ballot applications that were paid for with real money is worthy of a criminal investigation. From what it looks like they were paid for...

Just Putting Things In Proper Perspective...


Trump to host 'virtual rally' with Rush Limbaugh TODAY!

A top conservative radio host whose adamant support of President Trump helped galvanize his election in 2016 scored a virtual visit from the commander in chief himself.

On his radio show Thursday afternoon, Rush Limbaugh said Trump will join him on the airwaves Friday as part of a "virtual rally."

“I’m thrilled to announce that our commander in chief, President Donald Trump, will be right here tomorrow hosting the largest virtual rally in radio history,” Limbaugh said during his show on Thursday. “It will be special, and I am really looking forward to it.”

Trump has been eager to resume campaigning only a week after he tested positive for COVID-19 a week ago, and Limbaugh's show provides an opportunity for the president to address his supporters remotely. Trump participated in his first TV interview since getting sick with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo on Thursday morning, when he said he would not participate in a virtual debate against Joe Biden next week.

Limbaugh, who, according to Talkers Magazine, broadcasts to more than 15 million daily listeners, was an ardent supporter of Trump in 2016 and has been credited with using his large reach to influence the 2016 election in the president's favor.

Trump awarded Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom during...

Joe "Cringy-panderer" Biden


‘White Supremacist’ Suspect In Michigan Kidnapping Plot Is Actually A Trump-Hating Anarchist

A new video of one of the 13 men arrested and charged in an alleged kidnapping plot against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer shows the suspect is a Trump-hating anarchist despite media claims the plot was hatched by pro-Trump white supremacists.

“You know Trump is not your friend, dude,” said Brandon Caserta, with a large anarchist flag hanging on his wall behind him. “And it amazes me that people actually, like, believe that. When he’s shown over and over and over again that he’s a tyrant. Every single person that works for government is your enemy, dude.”

another video from Caserta, the anarchist asserted, “[police] are oppressing you for a paycheck.” “If you’re still supporting law enforcement… you are supporting the people who are enforcing slavery on everyone else.”

Documentary producer Robby Starbuck, who discovered Caserta’s videos, blasted the integrity of the corporate media, writing on Twitter: “Why did it take me to pull all these videos to give people access to the truth about the ideology these guys have? It says a lot about the state of journalism that a director/producer had to dig these clips up because we all know we can’t trust mainstream news to do their job.”

The alleged kidnapping scheme aimed at Whitmer included plans to overthrow several state governments that the suspects “believe are violating the US Constitution.”

Immediately corporate media blamed “white supremacists” and President Donald Trump. “If the president read his intel briefings and understood the...

WATCH: Joe Biden Says ‘You’ll Know My Opinion on Court-packing When the Election Is Over’

Former Vice President Joe Biden has refused, once again, to reveal his stance on “packing” the Supreme Court: “You’ll know my opinion on court-packing when the election is over,” he told reporters in Arizona on Thursday.

Court-packing involves expanding the number of justices on the nation’s highest court and filling the new seats with liberals to overcome the current conservative majority. It was rejected the last time it was proposed, in the 1930s.

Biden has remained vague on court-packing since the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg last month. In Arizona, he tried to frame the issue as something only the media cared about.

“Look, I know it’s a great question for you all and I don’t blame you for asking,” he said, “but you know the moment I answer that question the headline in every one of your papers will be about that.”

The Democrat nominee added that focus should remain on the fact that the “election has begun” and “there has never been a court appointment once an election has begun.”

Biden’s comments come as Democrats are mobilizing to keep President Donald Trump from filling Ginsburg’s seat on the Court. The move, in part, is strategic, as many fear that a Trump appointee will cement a 6-to-3 conservative majority on the nation’s highest court for the foreseeable future.

To prevent such an outcome, Democrats are attempting to obstruct the congressional confirmation process until January, in hopes that Biden will win the upcoming election and be able to propose his own candidate.

As part of the effort, Senate Democrats are threatening to pack the court if...

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The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #435

Before You Click On The "Read More" Link, 

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If You are Easily Upset, Triggered Or Offended, This Is Not The Place For You.  

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #1135

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Actual WITNESS To Kenosha Kid Shooting Tells The INSANE Story About How It All Went Down


Girls With Guns

Trolling California Leftists...


Freedom Is On The Ticket...


The Russian Operative At The Center Of The Hoax:


NYT Calls For UN ‘Election Intervention’, Says Biden Must Follow Belarus Protesters And ‘Appeal To The World For Help’


The opinion editorial, entitled “America May Need International Intervention” was penned by Peter Beinart, also is a contributor at The Atlantic and Political Commentator for CNN.

In over 1,000 words, Beinart makes the case for foreign election interference under the auspices of the notoriously globalist, anti-Trump United Nations, specifically the body’s Human Rights Council. The United Nations Human Rights Council, however, hosts egregious human rights abusers such as China, Somalia, Sudan, Venezuela, and Qatar.

Despite this, Beinart tees up his piece insisting “even Democrats may find it hard to imagine, but the “leader of the free world” would benefit from United Nations oversight.”


Beinart insists that Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden “should follow Sviatlana Tikhanovskaya’s example and appeal to the world for help.” He described Tikhanovskaya’s actions as “imploring the United Nations to act.”

In a contested election in Belarus, Tikhanovskaya represents the globalist pick who lost to the duly-elected populist Alexander Lukashenko, a candidate that establishment forces have been attempting to undermine.

Beinart continues, attempting to normalize America “requesting foreign intervention” in elections:

“For many Americans — raised to see the United States as the natural leader of the “free world” — it may be hard to imagine requesting foreign intervention against tyranny in our own land. But as historians like Gerald Horne and Carol Anderson have detailed, there’s a long history of Black Americans doing exactly that.”

He implores Democrats to bolster the actions of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), an international election advisory board which concluded American elections “contravene O.S.C.E. commitments and international standards with regard to...