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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Seventh Illegal Alien Accused Of Sex Crime In Sanctuary County Over Last Month

An illegal alien has been arrested in Montgomery County, Maryland, for alleged sex crimes. This is the seventh such case involving an illegal alien since the end of July.

"Emilio Carrasco-Hernandez, 37, of Hyattsville, is currently charged with second-degree rape, sex abuse of a minor, third-degree sex offense and fourth-degree sex offense," ABC 7's Kevin Lewis reported. "According to ICE, Carrasco-Hernandez is a Honduran national living in the U.S. illegally. In April 2017, a federal immigration judge deported the then 35-year-old. He later illegally re-entered the U.S. on an unknown date and by unknown means."


Lewis has reported extensively on crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens in Montgomery County, which also has a heavy presence of MS-13 gang activity.
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Late this week, Lewis reported that Nestor Lopez-Guzman, a 21-year-old Salvadoran national illegally residing in the U.S., had allegedly molested a 12-year-old girl and her younger brother.
related: Police: MS-13 Illegal Aliens beat sex-trafficked girl with bat 28 times, 'indented' part of her body

Lopez-Guzman reportedly told authorities that touching a young boy's genitals was a "cultural joke" and that it was "common in El Salvador."

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"Since July 25, Montgomery County Police have arrested at least seven confirmed undocumented immigrants for alleged rapes and sexual assaults," Fox News reported. "Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich signed an executive order last month designating the county a 'sanctuary' jurisdiction."

related: Sanctuary policies 'led to' brutal bathroom rape of 14-year-old schoolgirl

The executive order prohibits all county agencies and law enforcement officials from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials. Usually, the only areas that are designated as 'sanctuaries' are controlled by Democrats, which oftentimes puts the public in harm's way because offenders are released into...

Girls With Guns

It Ain't Gonna Happen Libtards...

Socialism Requires Force To Impose Tyranny On Unwilling Subjects...

In Their Own Words: They Are Not Here To Adopt Western Values....

Jihad France: Muslim Migrant Goes On Knife Rampage in Lyon, 19-year-old DEAD, NINE MORE SERIOUSLY WOUNDED

Translation from BFMTV:

A knife attack took place this Saturday afternoon at 16:30 at the Laurent Bonnevay de Villeurbanne metro station, near Lyon.

At least one person died and eight were injured, including three in serious condition, according to a new report released by firefighters. According to our information, the victim was 19 years old.

The author of the facts was arrested by the police. According to our information, this man is an Afghan asylum seeker. The man is unknown to the police and intelligence services.

The Lyon public prosecutor’s office seized the judicial police for “assassination and attempted murder.”

Witnesses described a terrifying scene as the knifeman began stabbing victims at random and people ran for their lives.

A witness named Nina told LCI: “I was in the subway at the end of a mundane day and then [the police] evacuated the metro.

“We saw large bloodstains on the ground.

“I saw a gentleman with his three young children, with blood on his face and his white t-shirt. Several people were traumatised, crying.”

Another witness told how one person had been stabbed in the stomach and an older woman had an injury to the side of her head.

The role of the man with the kitchen spit was unclear (Image: Twitter)

The woman told LCI she stepped in front of the older woman to protect her, adding: “There was blood everywhere on the...

Most School Shootings Occur Because Of Incompetence Or Willful Negligence...

Why Is The FBI Obstructing The Release Of James Comey’s Memos?

Whatever harm releasing these memos might cause to the FBI’s crime-fighting ability is surely offset by the lack of accountability for one of the most controversial episodes in its history.

On August 27, the FBI scored another temporary victory to maintain the secrecy of the James Comey memos. It convinced a federal judge to delay his own order and has again thwarted the Freedom of Information Act passed by Congress to force government agencies to account to the voting public.

Former FBI director Comey is gone, and nobody within the government should be trying to protect him. Because of his recklessness, the nation is still grappling the aftermath of the most serious constitutional crisis of recent memory.

Why is the FBI obstructing the release of its disgraced former director’s memos? As they say, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Whatever harm releasing these memos might cause to the FBI’s legitimate crime-fighting ability is surely offset by the lack of accountability for one of the most controversial episodes in the bureau’s history. The public must know that the FBI is not operating as a government unto itself.

Fellow son of Kansas City Harry S Truman wrote during his presidency: “We want no Gestapo or secret police. FBI is tending in that direction. They are dabbling in sex-life scandals and plain blackmail… Edgar Hoover would give his right eye to take over, and all congressmen and senators are afraid of him.”

In spite of all the reforms, oversight, and internal regulations meant to protect the elected governance from the power of the unelected FBI, liberal journalist Michael Isikoff wrote this of Comey’s private meeting with Donald Trump, the subject matter of some of these memos: “Senior FBI officials were concerned then-director James Comey would appear to be blackmailing then-President-elect Trump – using tactics notoriously associated with J. Edgar Hoover – when he attended a fateful Jan. 6, 2017, meeting at which he informed the real estate magnate about allegations he had consorted with prostitutes in Moscow.”

He’s not the only one. The president-elect also thought the FBI director was using the occasion of a private pre-inauguration meeting as blackmail to gain control over the incoming president. Trump thought Comey used the Christopher Steele dossier story of Trump directing Russian hookers in a Moscow hotel room as “leverage“ to secure his job. Comey himself understood the appearance of his private briefing of the president: “I was very concerned that he might interpret it as an effort to pull a J. Edgar Hoover on him.”

Then, when the president fired Comey, the former FBI director retaliated by releasing...

American Soldiers Paying Tribute To.....

Maryland Muslim man arrested in Islamic State attack to “kill as many people as possible” in DC area is charged with supporting terrorists

Jihadi Rondell Henry planned to run down pedestrians on the National Harbor waterfront, a popular tourist site along the Potomac River near Washington. Henry stole a truck from a suburban Washington shopping mall last month and drove around looking for terror targets. After failing to breach security at Dulles International Airport, Henry is accused of driving to the National Harbor in Maryland — a Potomac River walkway lined with shops and restaurants, highly popular with tourists. But in the court filing, the prosecutors say Henry did not find a large enough crowd for his desired act and decided to wait until later.

Just because the media has censored jihad war coverage doesn’t mean it’s not raging.


A Maryland man who allegedly pledged himself to ISIS and planned to run over pedestrians in the nation’s capital was stopped before he could carry out the attack and has been charged with attempting to support a terrorist organization.

Rondell Henry, 28, of Germantown, Maryland, claimed to be inspired by ISIS when he stole a U-Haul van in Alexandria, Virginia, on March 26 before driving it to Maryland the next day with the intent of using it as a weapon to hit pedestrians on sidewalks at the newly developed National Harbor complex on the Potomac River near Washington. A federal grand jury returned an indictment against him on Wednesday.

According to the detention memo from April 8, Henry harbored “hatred” for those not practicing the Muslim faith and had been inspired by the 2016 truck attack in Nice, France.

“The defendant, allegedly inspired by ISIS and its violent ideology, stole a vehicle as part of his plan to kill and injure innocent pedestrians. The National Security Division, working with our partners, remains committed to identifying and holding accountable those who would commit terrorist attacks on our soil,” Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers said in a Department of Justice statement announcing the indictment.

The government alleges that after stealing the van, Henry drove to Dulles International Airport at 5 a.m. on March 27, parked the vehicle before entering the terminal, and then tried for two hours to find a possible way through security to harm “disbelievers” in a way designed for maximum publicity. But after failing to find a way to penetrate the airport’s security perimeter, he drove the U-Haul to the National Harbor later that morning.

The stolen U-Haul was found by law enforcement March 28 parked at the National Harbor for the alleged planned attack. Police said they reviewed security camera footage of the area that showed Henry parking and exiting the vehicle.

Henry was subsequently arrested by Prince George’s County Police before any attack could be attempted.

“All across the country, each and every day, the top priority of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) is to protect the American public by disrupting potential violent...

When You Choose Security Over Liberty, You Get Neither...

Pakistani Born Who Planned Attack in Queens Charged with Attempting to Support ISIS

Awais Chudhary Recorded Videos and Took Photos of the Flushing Bay Promenade And the World’s Fair Marina in Preparation for an Attack

WASHINGTON – A criminal complaint filed today in federal court in Brooklyn charged Awais Chudhary, 19, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Pakistan, with attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), a designated foreign terrorist organization. Chudhary was arrested yesterday, and made his initial appearance this afternoon before United States Magistrate Judge James Orenstein. Chudhary was ordered held without bail.

“The defendant allegedly planned to conduct a deadly attack in New York on behalf of ISIS,” stated Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers. “The National Security Division, working with our partners, will remain vigilant in our efforts to identify, disrupt, and hold accountable those who would conduct a terrorist attack on our soil. I want to thank the agents, analysts, and prosecutors who are responsible for this case and prevented this defendant from carrying out his deadly plans.”

“As alleged,
Awais Chudhary planned to kill innocent civilians on behalf of ISIS and record the bloodshed in the hope of inspiring others to commit attacks,” stated United States Attorney Donoghue. “This Office, together with the FBI, the NYPD and all members of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force will continue working tirelessly to identify ISIS sympathizers like the defendant and prevent them from carrying out their murderous intentions.”

“There’s no doubt Chudhary allegedly wanted to make headlines by attacking innocent people going about their daily lives. Thanks to the diligent work of the agents, analysts, and detectives on the FBI New York JTTF, the only thing to report today is his arrest, and the only...

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10 Offbeat Stories You Might Have Missed This Week (8/31/19)

It is time, once again, to check out some of the strangest and most unusual stories to hit our headlines this week. If you missed the last offbeat list, you can catch up here.We have two space stories this week. One involves NASA investigating the first alleged crime in space, while the other looks at the possible end to the decades-old tradition of astronauts peeing on the bus wheel on the way to a launch. There is also a story that will make arachnophobes sleep with earplugs on, a remarkable discovery made in ancient puma poop, and a stunning look at a ship “lost in time” for a century and a half.

10Naked On The Streets Of Philly

Photo credit: David Cimetta/AP
Thousands of cyclists stripped down and took to the streets of Philadelphia in the 11th annual Philly Naked Bike Ride.The goals of the au naturel event include advocating for cyclist safety, promoting positive body image, and minimizing our dependence on fossil fuels. The riders get naked, but exactly how far they go is up to them: Some dress down to their tighty-whities, others cover up in body paint, and some go full commando. They then embark on a 16-kilometer (10 mi) course through Philadelphia which includes some of the city’s most notable landmarks, such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.[1]In previous years, the Philly Naked Bike Ride was held in September, but organizers moved it up to August for a warmer, more nude-friendly weather.

9Crime . . . In Space

Photo credit: NASA/Elizabeth Weissinger
Reportedly, NASA is investigating the first allegation of a crime committed in space after astronaut Anne McClain accessed the bank account of her former spouse without permission.[2]McClain married Air Force intelligence officer Summer Worden in 2014 and divorced her four years later. During that time, the astronaut helped raise Worden’s son, Briggs. McClain admitted that she had accessed the bank account during a six-month stay aboard the International Space Station (ISS) but denies any wrongdoing. She claims she only wanted to make sure that there were sufficient funds to care for her son. In turn, Worden filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, arguing that McClain committed identity theft. She also brought a complaint with NASA’s Office of Inspector General.McClain said through her lawyer that she had merely continued existing behavior that had been approved by Worden in the past to oversee the welfare of six-year-old Briggs. On the other hand, the Air Force officer claims this is just another move in a long-standing strategy on behalf of the astronaut to gain custody of her son.No NASA or FTC officials have made a statement on the matter yet, although they did specify that this could, potentially, be the first crime committed aboard the ISS.

8Eight-Legged Surprise

Photo credit: WDAF-TV
Arachnophobes beware: If you are squeamish about spiders, you might want to skip this one.A woman from Kansas City, Missouri, went to the doctor because she thought she had water in her left ear. Turns out it was actually a brown recluse spider that had ended up in her ear canal.When Susie Torres woke up last Wednesday morning with sloshing and popping sounds in her ear, she didn’t think too much of it. It was probably just some water that got stuck in there. She decided to get it looked at, anyway. Torres got a sense that something was wrong when the medical assistant who was checking her ran out of the exam room and came back with six more people, including a doctor. They tried to break the news gently that she had a spider inside her head.[3]The doctor first tried to flush the arachnid out, with no success. Eventually, he managed to pull it out in one piece. The nurses told Torres that the spider was dead, although she thinks they could have said that just to keep her calm.Surprisingly, the spider went in and out without biting the woman once. She believes that it could have entered her ear canal while she was sleeping and swears that she will be using earplugs from now on.

7Karma Is A You-Know-What

In a stunning case of instant karma, a man from Kennewick, Washington, had his truck stolen while he was allegedly busy robbing a store across the street.Early Sunday morning, the Kennewick Police Department received a report from 42-year-old William Kelley that somebody had stolen his Chevrolet pickup truck. According to his statement, he had been drinking at the tavern where the vehicle was parked on Saturday night. Not wanting to drive drunk, he left the truck there and went home.However, surveillance footage told a different story. Police say that Kelley parked his car in front of the bar at 5:30 AM and then broke into and robbed the business across the street.[4] While this was happening, another man on a bike drove past his truck and noticed the keys were left inside. He then put his bicycle in the bed of the vehicle and drove off.Kelley already had an outstanding warrant, so he was arrested for that and charged with a new count of burglary. The other man remains unidentified.

6Groin-Assisted Surgery

Photo credit: The Telegraph
English surgeons managed to save the hand of a man who had almost chopped it off completely by sewing it to his groin for two weeks.Forty-six-year-old carpenter Anthony Lelliott was rushed to St George’s Hospital in London with one of the most complex amputations that doctors there had ever seen. He suffered an accident with a revolving saw and nearly severed half of his palm and his first two fingers.He went into surgery for 17 hours. Doctors first fixed his broken bones and then used nerve and vein grafts from his forearm and foot, respectively. His middle finger was beyond saving, so instead, surgeons decided to use what was left of it to help reconstruct the palm.Despite these procedures, there was still not enough skin to fix the damage. Therefore, doctors cut a flap in Lelliott’s groin and attached his hand to it.[5] After two weeks, enough extra skin grew to finish the procedure. Since then, Lelliott has regained feeling and some movement in his hand.

5Coin Hoard Reveals Medieval Scam

Photo credit: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP
A coin hoard found back in January in England not only represents the largest-ever cache from the period immediately following the Norman conquest but also contains examples of a medieval coin scam.The year 1066 was a pivotal moment in English history. William the Conqueror overthrew the Anglo-Saxons and became the first Norman king of the country. Fast-forward almost 1,000 years, and a couple of metal detectorists stumbled onto a giant cache of coins while teaching some friends to use metal detectors. They were in a field near Chew Valley in Somerset, and almost as soon as they got started, one of them found a single coin depicting William the Conqueror. This was an exceedingly rare find in and of itself, but the group then discovered...

When A Hurricane Hits On A Holiday...

Leftists Stand In Midst Of Storm Signaling Hurricane To Go Kill Their Political Opponents

FLORIDA—As yet another hurricane approached the Florida coast this evening, and people still apparently live in Florida for some reason, brave leftist warriors were deployed into the middle of the storm in order to signal the hurricane to go kill their political opponents.

Progressive organizations sent humanitarian workers everywhere the storm was set to make landfall to make sure the hurricane got the message that it was to do as much damage as possible, as long as it was only bringing death and destruction to those they disagree with.

"Begone, ye foul storm---go back from whence you came!" shouted one leftist as he signalled with a traffic control wand. "Well, not from whence you came---actually, Mar-a-Lago is right that way. You can't miss it---big building, lots of people who will probably get hurt. But that's totally cool, because they're associating with Trump."

"NOW GO, FELL BEAST OF WIND AND WATER, AND DO MY BIDDING TO CRUSH TRUMP AND THE RIGHT!" he bellowed, cackling madly. He then got hit with a stop sign.

Morning Mistress

The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #33

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #730

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

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Friday, August 30, 2019

KAG Commercial...

Girls With Guns

The Unmitigated Insanity Of Leftist Logic...

Same As It Ever Was!

Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground
Into the blue again, into silent water
Under the rocks and stones, there is water underground
Letting the days go by, into silent water
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground
Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was
Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was

Beware Totalitarian Statists With Low Self Esteem!

 Our Universities Are Pumping Them Out In Factory Form...

Now Matter How Much You Cry Like A Little Bitch...

This Guy Was Nearly Killed By A Volkswagon Beetle...

Damn The Shrubbery, Full Speed Ahead!

More Amazing Gifs!

A Mistake Like This Could Cost You Your Life...

We Should Never Listen to Stupid People, Especially Children

All this media hysteria surrounding Global Warming hoaxtress Greta Thunberg and gun-grabbing fanatic David Hogg does serve one vital purpose… We’re reminded that all children are stupid.

You know, most cultures revere their elders. Sane cultures understand that those who have been around a while, who have lived a little, who have attended the school of hard knocks and accumulated some real world experience and the wisdom that comes with it, might just be the very people we should listen to and get some advice from.

Oh, but not our culture, not Disposable America, not a consumerist society so enamored with the shiny and new there are no more repair stores, because why get something fixed when we can just chuck out the old one and get something Shiny and New from our favorite Big Box Store Shiny & New — you know, the superstore in the shiny and new strip mall where the old man had his repair shop and there was that family restaurant we used to eat at all the time, at least until Ruby Tuesday took over the vacant lot where our kids played ball until we gave them iPhones…

By all means, let’s chuck out the elders and … listen to the children.

By all means, let’s embrace the ideas of a generation running up trillions of dollar in student loans for a useless degree before they even have a job.

By all means, let’s ignore stuffy concepts like wisdom and experience. Instead, let’s hand our futures over to teenagers who have never paid a bill, never faced a real responsibility, and have no idea what it means to be on your own in a tough and unfair world that you’re gunna have to crack open if you want a place for yourself.

By all means, let’s hand the power to shape the world over to those who were sitting in their own poop on 9/11.

Better still, let’s hand our futures over, not just to children, but to spoiled children, to children who already have their own yacht, to someone right out of Children of the Cornwho sports a black arm band and says things like, We’re just waiting for you die.

Yep, that’s who I want in charge of...

This Is Why Trump Should Never Stop Tweeting...

NASCAR Betrays the 2nd Amendment, Rejects Pro-Gun Ads Citing Their ‘Gradual Shift’ on the Issue

NASCAR is turning against the 2nd Amendment, rejecting pro-gun advertisements after citing a “gradual shift” on gun rights.

“We just heard from NASCAR on a number of gun related ads and unfortunately, due a gradual shift in NASCAR’s position on guns, these ads must be edited/changed—especially those that are depicted as assault-style rifles/sniper rifles,” wrote National Event Publications, the NASCAR’s official sales media agent, to the K-Var Armory.

“NASCAR is still open to some of the less controversial gun accessories, concealed carry, or classes,” they added.

K-Var noted that there is nothing “gradual” about what is being done. NASCAR has allowed advertisements without any restrictions from gun manufacturers until this year.

“NASCAR has allowed ads from firearms manufacturers for several years. AK-47s, AR-15s, and scoped rifles have all been featured in the past, so I guess, by that statement, it can only mean that NASCAR is marching toward a complete anti-gun stance—it is just slow rolling it for some reason,” K-Var writes on their blog.

K-Var notes that NASCAR is likely to suffer immense backlash, considering many of their supporters are rural supporters of the 2nd Amendment, similar to Yeti and Dick’s Sporting Goods as a result of their embrace of...

Taylor Swift Special At KFC!

Kid Rock: Taylor Swift Got Woke Because She Wants To Be In Movies

Singer Kid Rock blasted Taylor Swift on Twitter Friday over the pop star’s recent interview with Vogue Magazine, in which she expressed why she’s increasingly politically active.

“Taylor Swift wants to be a democrat because she wants to be in the movies….period,” Rock tweeted. The music star also suggested Swift is willing to perform sexual acts to climb her way to...

The Devastating Effects Of Trump's Tax Cuts...

 ...Devastating For Democratic Presidential Hopefuls...


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The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #32

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #729

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Girls With Guns

Identifying The Bad Guys...

On Drugging Democrats...

Psych drugs have killed more than 5 million people over the last 10 years

Solving The Problem Of Paid off Senators...

If A Corrupt Politician Cries In A Tomb Does Anyone Hear A Sound?

Trump can change history by declassifying three Obama-era documents

My sources tell me President Trump is putting the finishing touches on a White House initiative to declassify documents that have remained hidden from the public for far too long.

This welcome effort to provide more public transparency and accountability almost certainly will focus early on the failings of the now-debunked Russia collusion probe. And I’m sure it will spread quickly toward other high-profile issues, such as the government’s UFO files that have been a focus of clamoring for decades.

But my reporting indicates three sets of documents from the Obama years should be declassified immediately, too, because they will fundamentally change the public’s understanding of history and identify ways to improve governance.

The first includes the national security assessments that the U.S. intelligence community conducted under President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton concerning the Russia nuclear giant Rosatom’s effort to acquire uranium business in the United States.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) — made up of Secretary Clinton and eight other senior federal officials — approved Rosatom’s purchase of mining company Uranium One’s U.S. assets in fall 2010, even as the FBI was gathering evidence that the Russian company’s American arm was engaged in bribery, kickbacks and extortion.

Sources who have seen these classified assessments tell me they debunk the last administration’s storyline that there were no national security reasons to oppose Rosatom’s Uranium One purchase or Vladimir Putin’s successful efforts to secure billions of dollars in new nuclear fuel contracts with American utilities during the Obama years.

“There were red flags raised, and the assessments expose other weaknesses in how CFIUS goes about these approval processes,” one knowledgeable source told me.

Under Obama, sensitive foreign acquisitions almost routinely were rubber-stamped by CFIUS, and the approval process sometimes was delegated by Cabinet officials on the CFIUS committee to lower-ranking aides. 

Clinton, for example, claims she allowed a deputy to decide the Uranium One purchase, even as her family foundation collected millions in donations from parties interested in the transaction and her husband, former President Bill Clintoncollected a $500,000 speech fee from Moscow.

Since Trump took office and Steve Mnuchin took over as Treasury secretary, laudable legislative and administrative changes have been designed to tighten up the CFIUS process, and the percentage of rejected foreign acquisitions has increased because of more aggressive national security vetting.

But sources say the release of the Rosatom intelligence assessments would identify...