90 Miles From Tyranny : NASCAR Betrays the 2nd Amendment, Rejects Pro-Gun Ads Citing Their ‘Gradual Shift’ on the Issue

Friday, August 30, 2019

NASCAR Betrays the 2nd Amendment, Rejects Pro-Gun Ads Citing Their ‘Gradual Shift’ on the Issue

NASCAR is turning against the 2nd Amendment, rejecting pro-gun advertisements after citing a “gradual shift” on gun rights.

“We just heard from NASCAR on a number of gun related ads and unfortunately, due a gradual shift in NASCAR’s position on guns, these ads must be edited/changed—especially those that are depicted as assault-style rifles/sniper rifles,” wrote National Event Publications, the NASCAR’s official sales media agent, to the K-Var Armory.

“NASCAR is still open to some of the less controversial gun accessories, concealed carry, or classes,” they added.

K-Var noted that there is nothing “gradual” about what is being done. NASCAR has allowed advertisements without any restrictions from gun manufacturers until this year.

“NASCAR has allowed ads from firearms manufacturers for several years. AK-47s, AR-15s, and scoped rifles have all been featured in the past, so I guess, by that statement, it can only mean that NASCAR is marching toward a complete anti-gun stance—it is just slow rolling it for some reason,” K-Var writes on their blog.

K-Var notes that NASCAR is likely to suffer immense backlash, considering many of their supporters are rural supporters of the 2nd Amendment, similar to Yeti and Dick’s Sporting Goods as a result of their embrace of...

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  1. In my humble opinion this is a "all or nothing" issue. Sounds to me like they have chosen "nothing". Are the any sports left where we don't have to hear that we are evil Americans??

  2. If you can sit and watch a bunch of cars going left for a couple hundred miles I guess you would watch a bunch of assholes play with footballs too. I have got much better things to do.

    1. Hell yes, you couldn't have said it better!

    2. at least at road atlanta they sometimes turn right...

  3. That is alright, I don't watch nascar anymore anyway. I am tired of laundry detergent advertising at 200mph. I am tired of all the damn rules governing engine size, displacement, carb size and all the cars look the same especially at 200mph. Everybody has to conform, no innovation, no tricks to squeeze out that last horsepower or torque.


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