90 Miles From Tyranny : Hello Bigots!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Hello Bigots!

This Is Depraved Sickness If I Have Ever Seen It.

Unwilling To Date Because Of "Hate"? 

A "Straight Male" Is Attracted To Biological Females, Stable, Well-Adjusted Biological Females, Not Gay Men Who Are Unable To Accept They Are Gay.

No Means No. Stop The Twisted Propaganda.


  1. It's not "hate", it's disgust.

  2. These people are whacked. Holy moly.

  3. I do not understand...how can one find love is a mans hairy ass? why is not wanting anything to do with a "transgender" man as far as dating considered hate? I do not hate them. I merely think them disingenuous men who fear women somewhat. I would not desire to date a tranny any more than I would desire to date a female serial killer with a bucket full of blades in her hand and a rolled up plastic tarp in the other. confused people are not my forte. I truly desire less drama in my life. see you at the range...

  4. The groundwork was laid early.

    I remember an ER sequence (on the show) which resulted in one of the women revealing herself as a trans. A Law and Order SVU show had at least one sympathetic episode.

    Slowly... slowly...


  5. In any relationship there should only be one dick.



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