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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The End May Be Near...



Doom said...

What? With Romney as the Rep, and do-nothing Trump as president? Let them have it. They will do no more or less, but do it honestly if slightly more quickly. I'm surprised Trump hasn't flipped on gun control, Mitch has. It's all just a slim matter of time. Either, and probably not, their will be a serious civil war or it's over. We have lost the ballet and every public and private institute and org to a vast American, Christian (even to the upper echelons within our churches), and white hating tiny minority.

Keep giving them your consent to rape your will if you want. They will have to try to take it from me, and the bastards will fail. I am surprised they haven't lowered the voting age to ten and made voting a requirement, like in China, Cuba, and NorK, to name a few. Actually, if you vote, THEN you have no right to complain. For, technically, you did choose a rep from what was offered. By not voting, I am declaring no representation, a no confidence vote.

SteveD said...

Unfortunately, if we are one election away from tyranny, then we have already lost. Eventually the political wave will swing back to the Dems (as it has swung back and forth my entire life) and they will regain control of both houses and the Presidency. Then they will get more done than the Republicans. I agree with Doom, it's now simply a matter of time.

'We have lost the ballet'

I think it's more like the ballet has become increasingly irrelevant. Even if the Dems never again won an election, eventually the Repubs would do us in. It would just them longer because they are not as efficient.

'If you vote you have no right to complain.' I like the way you turned the common refrain: 'If you don't vote you have no right to complain' on it's head. If you vote it means you've bought into the system - at least a little.