90 Miles From Tyranny : IG Report on Comey Leak: Violated FBI Policy, But DOJ Passes on Criminal Prosecution

Thursday, August 29, 2019

IG Report on Comey Leak: Violated FBI Policy, But DOJ Passes on Criminal Prosecution

Good news for disgraced former FBI director James Comey. He won’t be criminally prosecuted for leaking memos of his conversations with President Trump.

The bad news for Comey. It ain’t that he didn’t break the law. In a scathing report, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz concluded Comey’s “retention, handling, and dissemination of certain Memos violated Department and FBI policies, and his FBI Employment Agreement.” Also, it “set a dangerous example for the over 35,000 current FBI employees.” Michael Horowitz also slammed Comey for releasing sensitive information in his personal desire to force the appointment of a Special Counsel. Especially when there were other, “lawful” means to do so.

Put another way, the white hat Comey insists on wearing is as filthy as the man is tall.

The OIG Report on Comey

On Thursday Horowitz released a “Report of Investigation of Former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey’s Disclosure of Sensitive Investigative Information and Handling of Certain Memoranda.” This is not the IG Report on the phony Trump-Russia investigation that is expected to drop in the coming weeks. Consider this a side report. A clearing out of the brush.

And boy, does Horowitz set that brush ablaze.

The basics: Comey wrote seven detailed memos about his conversations with first President-elect, then President Trump. After getting dumped by Trump, Comey leaked Memo Four via a friend to The New York Times. His stated goal: to force the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate Trump.
Comey, in short, unlawfully leaked FBI information to “get” the President of the United States.
Memo 4 “included information that was related to both the FBI’s ongoing investigation of (Michael) Flynn and, by Comey’s own account, information that he believed and alleged constituted evidence of an attempt to obstruct the ongoing Flynn investigation.” The same day the NYT published an article titled, “Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation.”

Horowitz’s conclusion is absolutely withering. Comey “failed to live up to” his responsibility to “protect sensitive law...

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  1. No perp walk, then it don't matter a whit.

    There is no rule of law in America.

  2. None of these asshats will ever be charged with a crime let alone see a courtroom!!

  3. 'See that? That's my "SURPRISED" face... 'Same one as you saw when Epstein committed Arkancide...

  4. Does anyone really think normal justice, as we understand it, applies to the elite?

  5. If we want justice, we will have to get up and get it ourselves.

  6. As I understand it, this was a minor charge. Comey will he hit with FISA warrant charges in the near future. Those are felonies I do believe...


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