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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Netherlands: Explosive increase in illegal hand grenades

Hand grenades are becoming an increasingly popular in rising gangland violence in the Netherlands and the number of incidents involving the explosives has shot up in the past two years.

Violence with illegal hand grenades in the Netherlands is growing explosively. There are an increasing number of such incidents in the Netherlands with illegal hand grenades.

More incidents have been registered in the past year and a half than in the complete ten years before. Researchers call the trend worrying and do not expect it to decline soon. And Amsterdam has not been spared the scourge that poses a threat to its inhabitants.

Broadcaster RTL Nieuws reported on Tuesday that 23 incidents involving hand grenades were registered in the first four months of this year, compared with 42 in 2018 as a whole and just a handful of cases in the previous years.

In total, researchers from the University of Leiden have registered 117 cases in the past 11 years.

In most of the cases the grenade was left outside a cafe, club, shop or private home, or attached to the door handle.

In 21 cases people were directly attacked or threatened with a grenade, resulting in nine people being injured, several seriously. Judges in the Dutch capital said earlier this month that people convicted of crimes involving explosives would face tougher sentences.

According to researcher and criminologist Marieke Liem the Netherlands is facing rising danger. “For example, we see a huge increase in hand grenade violence in Sweden, and there were deaths. Including bystanders. If the trend continues, you could expect that there will also be fatal casualties here.”

The researchers did not want to speculate about the reason for the explosive increase, possibly because of the fact that it may reflect on immigrants, a sensitive topic. According to them, the registration of such incidents by the police also leaves something to be desired, so that little is known about the motives.

It is a headache for far-left Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema, who is responsible for public order and security. According to...

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capt fast said...

as I have heard it said many times before "M-67. When fuck you just doesn't say it emphatically enough." one has to watch for those russian manufactured grenades from the 1980s as the fusing was apt to be quite sensitive over time, what once was five seconds could be as little as five milliseconds. the french made grenade only worked if you dropped them. the german grenades had an instruction sheet three pages long which had to be perfectly followed or it wouldn't work. the swiss grenades caused no injuries-they are working on reducing the sound signature and flash of their flash bang so as not to hurt the ears or blind someone. the italian grenades only work if thrown at two hundred fifty kph. the spanish grenade only functioned when used by someone with the proper political bent. the danish grenade functioned well when left alone. the dutch grenade only functioned best when covered in mud. the swedish grenade worked well and was sold to anyone who would pay for it,except the norwegians. the british grenade, well, their working on it.