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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Girls With Guns

A Moment Of Serenity..

Car Camping Checklist..

Bet they got grief from this commercial...

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There Is No Moral Equivalence Here...

Hamas is a terrorist organization..

Morning Mistress

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders GoPro Hula Cam

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Girls With Guns

How To Be A Hero...


Cheese Consumption Causes People To Become Tangled In Their Bedsheets And Die...

Cheese Consumption Causes Global Bedsheet Tangling. We need to increase taxes on cheese until we can find a way to replace it altogether and remove this scourge from planet earth.

John Kerry In Action...

More Genius From John Kerry:

Hu's On First With Two Idiots...

Ow, That's Gotta Hurt...

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A Listing Of Sanctuary Cities For Illegal Aliens To "Migrate" To

So you are an illegal alien (undocumented immigrant)/ (undocumented citizen)/ (undocumented Democrat), who lawlessly broke the laws of the United States, and you are feeling like a victim. No Worries!  These sanctuary cities will give you amnesty, provide you with free services, food stamps, medical care and free housing. These cities are also filled with naive Americans who will be easy victims, for rapes, murders, home invasions, and muggings. They will pay you to victimize them and disease them! The good news is, they will not report or deport you when you commit crimes there, it is truly a gangsters paradise! Move to these cities, where you can be the wolf among sheep nay, lambs:

Sanctuary Cities, USA
Note: Cities that have rescind their sanctuary ordinances or resolutions will be in green text.
  • Anchorage, AK  (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service) (7-29-10 The Municipality of Anchorage disputes the listing. See notes at bottom of page for details.)
  • * (The city of Fairbanks has been removed from the Sanctuary Cities list due to the city council's passage of a resolution supporting a formal recognition of its cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.  The city of Fairbanks had previously been listed due its designation as a sanctuary city by the Congressional Research Service.  OJJPAC thanks the City of Fairbanks for taking positive steps to clarify its compliance with federal law. Fairbanks enforcement statistics will be monitored for compliance.Arizona
  • Chandler, AZ   (Added 5/30/07, Congressional Research Service Report, 2006 )
  • Mesa, AZ        (Added 10-18-09, Sources: Judicial Watch; East Valley Tribune article,1-4-2008)*
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Tucson, A Z    (Added 11-12-07, Source: 11-11-07 story by Brady McCombs, Arizona Daily Star. See note below.)California
  • Bell Gardens, CA
  • City of Industry, CA
  • City of Commerce, CA
  • Coachella, CA       (Added 7-23-12, Source: La Voz de Aztlan. Passed in 2006 and existence supported by quotes in city's 9-12-07 council meeting minutes.)
  • Cypress, CA
  • Davis CA
  • Downey, CA
  • Fresno, CA            (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
  • Greenfield, CA    (Added 7-23-12, Source: Battle at the ballot box in Greenfield, Monterey County, The Herald, 6-1-12)
  • Lakewood, CA 
  • Los Angeles, CA   (Congressional Research Service)
  • Long Beach, CA
  • Lynwood, CA
  • Maywood, CA
  • Montebello, CA
  • National City, CA
  • Norwalk, CA
  • Oakland, CA                 (Added 8-27-07. Source: 4/25/07 story by KCBS 740 AM. Link here.)
  • Paramount, CA
  • Pico Rivera, CA
  • Richmond, CA               (Added 11-5-09. Sources:  Mayor Gayle McLaughlin's campaign website from 2004, 2006)
  • So. Gate, CA
  • San Bernardino, Ca.      (Added 6/7/07, reader submitted /  9/5/08 Listing disputed by the city administration* See addl.notes)
  • San Diego, CA              Sources: Congressional Research Service; SDPD chief endorses constoversial immigration bill, Fox-TV 5, 9-2-13
  • Santa Clara County, CA  (Added 11-29-10, source:  Forced into Immigration Enforcement, A County Considers Plan B, 10-21-10, Huffington Post.)
  • Santa Cruz, CA             (Added 5/30/07, documented by KSBW news)
  • San Francisco, CA        (Congressional Research Service)
  • San Jose, CA                (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
  • Santa Maria, CA           (11-18-08 Submitted research from local activist/ Listing disputed by the city administration)
  • Sonoma County, CA    (Congressional Research Service)
  • Vernon, CA
  • Watsonville, CA         (Added 5/30/07, documented by KSBW news)
  • Wilmington, CA
  •  Aurora, CO
  •  Commerce City, CO
  •  Denver, CO                     (Source: Congressional Research Service)
  •  Durango, CO                   (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
  •  Federal Heights, CO
  •  Fort Collins, CO
  •  Lafayette, CO                 (Added 6/3/07, documented by reader)
  •  Thornton, CO
  •  Westminster, CO
  • Hartford, CT                     (Added 5/4/10.  Source: [Ordinance passed in 2008], NEWS 21 Blog, by Amy Crawford, Hartford, CT)
  • New Haven, CT                (Added 6/4/07.  Source: TV News 8: City council votes 25-1 to issue ID cards to illegal aliens)
  • DeLeon Springs, FL
  • Deltona, FL
  • Jupiter, FL  (Added 4-13-09. Previously on watch list.)
  • Lake Worth, FL  (Added 4-13-09.)
  • Miami, FL
  • Dalton, GA        (Added 5/30/07. 6/18/07 Listing disputed by the City of Dalton, GA. City's written policy requested, not received as of 1-28-12. )Illinois
  • Chicago, IL        (Congressional Research Service)
  • Cicero, IL          (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
  • Evanston, IL       (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)Iowa
  • (See city watch list below)Kansas
  • Wichita                (Source: Police department policy exposed after the death of Lola Jayne, KSN TV-3, 12-19-08)
  • New Orleans, LA  (Source: Police department announced policy of "don't ask, don't tell"  by Police superintendent Warren Riley, WWL-TV; 9-9-09)
  • Cambridge, MA     (Source: Boston Globe. First passed resolution in 1985)
  • Chelsea, MA          (Added: 8-14-07 Source: Chelsea government website with text of sanctuary policy.)
  • Northampton, MA  (Added 6-20-12 Source: City of Northampton Resolution dated 8-18-2011.  Resolution limits cooperation with ICE but does not use the term "sanctuary." )
  • Orleans, MA          (Added 6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
  • Sommerville, MA   (Added 7-23-12 Original resolution passed in 1987, later repealed and replaced with Safe City Resolution. Source: Sommerville News Blog, 10-15-2007)
  • Springfield, MA      (Disputed)Maine
  • Portland    (Added 5/31/07 Note: Maine resident reported that Portland city council passed sanctuary legislation)
  • State of Maine   (Added 5/31/07 Note: Governor of Maine initiated de facto protections for illegals by Executive Order in 2004)*Maryland
  • Baltimore, MD               (Congressional Research Service)     
  • Gaithersburg, MD
  • Mt. Rainier, MD        (Added 1-20-08, Source: The Washington D.C. Examiner, 1-19-08)
  • Montgomery County, MD  (Added 11-3-09, Source: Frederick County sheriff worried about MontCo gangs, The Washington D.C. Examiner, 11-2-09)
  • Takoma Park, MD      (Reported that City ordinance passed some 20 years ago; Congressional Research Service)Michigan
  • Ann Arbor, MI      (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)       
  • Detroit, MI            (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
  • Austin, MN            (Added 11-1-11 Source: Protecting illegal immigrants to catch criminals, Star Tribune, 10-27-11)*
  • Minneapolis, MN    (Congressional Research Service)
  • St. Paul, MN
  • Worthington, MN   (Added 5-30-07 Note: This is where a Swift plant was raided by ICE in December, 2006)Nevada
  • Reno                        (Added 5-31-07; 2-18-08 Disputed by city; OJJPAC has requested a copy of city policies. Copy of policies never received as of 1-28-12) New Jersey
  • Camden, NJ                (Added in 2007; latest source: Camden, Immigrant Haven?, By Lauren Feeney, City Paper, 7-16-08)
  • Fort Lee, NJ
  • Hightstown, NJ           (Added 5-30-07)
  • Jersey City, NJ
  • Newark, NJ                (Added 6-3-07)
  • North Bergen, NJ
  • Trenton, NJ
  • Union City, NJ
  • West New York, NJNew Mexico
  • Albuquerque, NM            6/13/07 Congressional Research Service; 8-14-07 KOB-TV 4 Eyewitness News report
  • Aztec, NM                       Added 5-8-10, Identified by CRS in 2006 report to Congress
  • Rio Ariba County, NM    6/13/07 Congressional Research Service
  • Santa Fe, NM                  6/13/07 Congressional Research Service; 1-26-12 AP story, Santa Fe Mayor David Coss opposes taking drivers licenses away from illegal aliens.
    New York
  • Albany, NY                (Added 7-22-09 Source: Council adopts don't ask policy, Times Union report by Jordan Carleo-Evangelist)
  • Bay Shore, NY
  • Brentwood, NY
  • Central Islip, NY
  • Farmingville, NY
  • New York City, NY
  • Riverhead, NY
  • Shirly/Mastic, NY
  • Spring Valley Village, NY  (Added 7-25-07)
  • Uniondale, NY
  • Westbury, NYNorth Carolina
  • Carrboro, NC               (Added 11-12-07 Source: Towns differ on illegal aliens by Patrick Winn, The News & Observer)
  • Chapel Hill, NC            (Added 11-12-07 Source: Towns differ on illegal aliens by Patrick Winn, The News & Observer)
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Chatham County, NC    (Added 1-14-09 Source: Chatham rejects immigration program, The News & Observer; Chatham County Commissioners Board Minutes, 1-5--09)
  • Durham, NC                 (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
  • Raleigh
  • Winston-SalemOhio
  • Columbus, OH        (7/5/07 Source: 5/10/07 Columbus Dispatch article stating illegal aliens in misdemeanor cases are not reported to ICE) 
  • Dayton, OH            (Added 1-11-10 Source:  Dayton Daily News story by Lucas Sullivan.  Police chief prohibits officers from asking about immigration status.
  • Lima, OH                    (Added 10-28-08 Note:  City administration opposes County Sheriff's efforts to remove illegal aliens.) 
  • Lorain, OH             (Added 4-21-14 Source:  Lorain Police Chief Celestino Rivera has ordered (by written policy) his officers not to cooperate with ICE)
  • Oberlin, OH           (Added 1-25-09. Source: City Resolution adopted January 20, 2009)   
  • Painesville, OH        (7-19-07 Source: 7-18-07 Cleveland Scene article) 
  • Oklahoma City         (de facto)  
  • Tulsa                        (6-3-07 Note: Tulsa city council is discussing changing its sanctuary policy.  8-15-10 Update:  See note below.)
  • Ashland, OR               (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)
  • Gaston, OR                (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)
  • Marion County, OR    (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)
  • Multnomah County, OR  (Added 11-9-13 Source: Sheriff's office says 'no' to ICE, By Kirsten Lock, Fox TV-12, 4-25-13)
  • Portland, OR
  • State of Oregon *       (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)  *(See note below)
  • Allentown, PA (Rescinded)  7-23-12 Note: Allentown city council passed a sanctuary resolution in 1986 but voted 4-3 to rescind it in 1991.
  • Philadelphia, PA*          (7-15-10 Source: Mayor Nutter's, November, 2009 Executive order: Policy Concerning Access of Immigrants to City Services .)  
  • Pittsburg, PA  (Added 5-29-14 Source: Pittsburg Post Gazette: Pittsburg launches effort to woo more immigrants, 5-29-14)    
  Rhode Island
  • Providence         (Added 5-17-11 Source: Providence wants to opt out of 'Secure Communities' database, by Gregory Smith, Providence Journal, 2-23-11).    
  • Austin, TX                (Congressional Research Service)
  • Baytown, TX            (6-13-07 Local reader observation)
  • Brownsville, TX
  • Channelview, TX      (6-13-07 Local reader observation)
  • Denton, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • El Cenizo, TX          (6-13-07 Congressional Research Service)
  • Ft.Worth, TX
  • Houston, TX            (Congressional Research Service)
  • Katy, TX                 (Congressional Research Service)
  • Laredo, TX
  • Mcallen, TX
  • Port Arthur, TX          (6-13-07 Reader/resident observation)Utah
  • State of Utah                (Added 5-15-11  Source:  Utah Approves Guest Worker Program for Illegal Immigrants, ABC New, 5-7-11) 
  • Provo, UT*                (* 8-27-2010  The current administration in Provo Utah contacted OJJPAC earlier this month and indicated that it has no desire to be a sanctuary city.                                     *5-16-11Update:  Pending removal of Provo, UT from list upon verification of city's participation/cooperation in enforcement of immigration laws.)
  • Salt Lake City, UTVirginia
  • Alexandria, VA*            (Added 10-6-08,  Source: City Resolution No. 2246 adopted 10-9-07)
  • Fairfax County, VA
  • Virginia Beach, VA         (Added 6/3/07)
  • Burlington, VT            (Added 5-14-09  Source: 5-13-09 Associated Press story by Wilson Ring)
  • Middlebury, VT          (Added 5-14-09  Source: 5-13-09 Associated Press story by Wilson Ring)
  • State of Vermont*        (Added 11-29-10  Source: 11-21-10 Vermont AG proposes bias-free policing policy, Burlington Free Press)
  • King Co. Council, WA     (Added as a de facto sanctuary on 6-28-09 Source: The Seattle Times; and on 11-9-09 Ordinance passed)
  • Seattle, WA                      (Added 5/30/07; Congressional Research Service)
  • Wisconsin
  • Madison, WI                    (Congressional Research Service)  Update: In June, 2010, the city council passed a resolution reaffirming its policy.
  • Millwaukee County, WI    (Added 6-10-12 Source article: County Board Resolution on Immigration on target, Opinion, Journal Sentinel News., 6-9-12)                                   
  • Jackson Hole, WY
Washington, D.C.         (Update: The Washington D. C. city council has voted to prohibit its police department from participating in the Secure Communities program in July, 2010 according to an AP story by Ivan Moreno dated 7-26-10;   10-19-11 D.C. Examiner story which states that Mayor Vincent Gray signed an order prohibiting the city's police dept. from inquiring about a person's immigration status.

Morning Mistress

Video of the Iraq Mass Executions by ISIS

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Girls With Guns

Top Ten Fire Starters..

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There Is No Need To Invent Things To Worry About...

We got our hands full.

Ayn Rand On Capitalism..

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I Never Miss My Laundry Basket...

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How To Survive Hypothermia..

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A Moment Of Serenity..

Dumb As A Box Of Rocks..

John Kerry is a traitor and a committed leftist who is always wrong on every issue.


Morning Mistress

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Girls With Guns

Let's Face It..

Obama supporters are morons.

Barack Obama Starring In: The Coyote In Chief...

In his new non-fiction dystopian movie!

Rigging A Tarp As A Shelter...

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Bug Out Location Porn...

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What A Difference Leadership Makes...

Morning Mistress

Hot Pick Of The Late Night

Vintage Advertising

Cocaine Toothache Drops...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Girls With Guns

Blogs With Rule 5 Links

These Blogs Provide Links To Rule 5 Sites:
Proof Positive has: Best Of Web Link Around
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Blackmailers Don't Shoot has: Rule 5: Comic-Con Edition..
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I Say Lock This Guy Up In A Vegan Prison...

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Which Would You Choose?

On Empowering Women...

77% want illegals sent home, 81% say it's a serious issue

A huge majority of Americans, 81 percent, believe the new immigration crisis of unaccompanied children streaming over the U.S.-Mexico border is serious, and almost as many want them gone -- some even if it's not safe to return, according to a new poll.

In an Economist/YouGov.com survey, however, the public isn't heartless in how they view the plight of the children, with 66 percent expressing sympathy for their situation that drove them north, where U.S. Border Control officers are catching the new arrivals for immigration processing.

But while there is an understanding among many Americans that some of the children are fleeing violence in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, a majority, 57 percent, believe the illegal immigrants are coming to America because they believe “that the U.S. government is or will be granting amnesty to undocumented immigrant children,” said the new poll.

The poll is the latest to show that the nation doesn’t believe the president’s immigration policies are working. And it is proof that most want the flow of illegals into the United States slowed or shut off.

While 77 percent said they want the illegals returned, there are different degrees in...

Morning Mistress

Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer From Comic-Con - Official

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Girls With Guns

A Hard Choice To Make...

Peanut Butter And Jelly Of Course!

Gratuitous Peanut Butter & Jelly Post..

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other...

One is a tool of Tyranny...

10 Tent Tips For Happy Camping..

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