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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Girls With Guns

Is This What We Want For The New Congress?

Fire Boehner...

Boehner Goes Soft On Immigration

Von Mises On Capitalism..

- Ludwig Von Mises

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On Bad Governments...

El Che Obama..

Nice T-Shirt...

After 800 nuclear tests from 1951 and 1992, this is the view over the Nevada Test Site (formerly known as the Nevada Proving Grounds).

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And Then There Was One...

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What If A Family Spent Like The Federal Government..

Yeah, We Know...

But not in the way Malcolm X thought it would be..

Think Tea Party, targeted by the IRS, hated and demonized by the media, all because we just want smaller government and less taxes. 

John McCain's Wacko "Ethnic Cleansing" of Tea Party

Republicans: Political purges may work in totalitarian states, but in a democracy they can be self-defeating. The senator who called the Tea Party "wacko birds" should realize the GOP's real enemies are called Democrats.

It's been said that all politics is local, and normally a state party's internal squabbles would not be national news. But when they involve a former presidential candidate on an issue that will affect the selection of the GOP's 2016 presidential nominee and chances, we sit up and take notice.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who lost the 2008 election to Barack Obama and who is running for re-election in 2016, wants to pull the Arizona portion of the grass-roots movement known as the Tea Party out by the roots and purge the ranks of the Arizona GOP of precinct committeemen and local party chairmen aligned to the Tea Party.

Local McCain opponent A.J. LaFaro, who has announced that he will not seek re-election to the Maricopa County GOP chairmanship, has compared the...

Morning Mistress

Magical Forest..

Morning Mistress

The Perfect Book..

Friday, January 2, 2015

Girls With Guns

Liberal Policies Vs. History And Logic..

Wait Times For Health Care In Canada

Each Of Us Has A Natural Right To Defend His Person, His Liberty And His Property...

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On The Wisdom Of Our Masters...

The center of Stalingrad after liberation

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Oh! Bet That Hurt...

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Nikola Tesla Predicted The Internet..

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Edison Vs. Tesla - DC Vs. AC

The Bill Of Rights, In Plain Language..

The Dick Act Of 1902 Invalidates All So-Called Gun-Control Laws.

Obama Adviser Jonathan Gruber: Obamacare Will NOT Be Affordable

President Obama’s health care adviser Jonathan Gruber said that the Affordable Care Act would definitely not be affordable while he was writing the bill with the White House.

As Gruber continues to withhold documents while he awaits a call-back for more testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in the new year, more shocking information is coming to light detailing the deceptions that went into the writing of the health-care law. (RELATED: Daily Caller Publishes First Video Of Gruber Calling The American People ‘Stupid’).

Gruber said that Obamacare had no cost controls in it and would not be affordable in...

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Hot Pick Of The Late Night

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Girls With Guns

Seems I Found A Cure For Democrat Economic Reasoning..

Lots More Facts Here:

Interesting Facts...

In 2015, The Fight Against Statism Will Continue...

In modern day America, the leftists have hegemonic control over printed media, digital media, film, documentaries, news organizations, search engines, gaming industries, entertainment and pretty much you name it, they have control over it with the exception of talk radio and the blogosphere.

I fully expect the left to expand their attempts to regulate speech and thought from individualists and right thinkers through political correctness, the expansion of the definition of hate crimes, termination of employment for expressing unapproved opinions, NSA and IRS targeting of non-conforming individuals, and other diabolical means the left will think up.

The right needs to start making movies that expose the evils of leftism, the most common antagonist in today's movies are corporations. Movies would be better with communist and Islamic antagonists.

We need to get out the message that all news is biased and all TV news is biased to the left.

I think we are making progress thanks to the internet, and this is exactly why we need to keep government out of it.

May 2015 be filled with health, happiness and liberty for all.

A German soldier who got his arm blown off in battle

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Still Have A Few Firecrackers Left Over?

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George Orwell 2015

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12 Of The Most Misused English Words..

Are Anti-Constitution Maryland Cops Targeting Gun Owners From Pro-Constitution States?

Avoid Maryland, don't drive through it, don't vacation there, don't visit anyone you know there.

A year ago this New Year’s Eve, John Filippidis of Florida was driving south with his family on Interstate 95 when the Maryland Transportation Authority Police pulled over his black Ford Expedition and proceeded to raid it while his twins, wife and daughter looked on — separated in the back seats of different police cruisers.

The officers were searching for Mr. Filippidis‘ Florida-licensed, palm-size Kel-Tec .38 semi-automatic handgun, which he left at home locked in his safe. (Maryland does not recognize handgun permits issued by other states.)

When the search turned up nothing, Mr. Filippidis, 51, was allowed to go and was issued only a speeding warning.

The incident gained national attention. Mr. Filippidis went on multiple radio programs and described in detail how scared and outraged he and his family were. He wondered: How did the police know he was licensed for concealed carry, and what right did they have to search through his personal items on the side of the busy interstate filled with holiday travelers on that 10-degree day?

“My wife’s hysterical, shaking and crying,” Mr. Filippidis recalled in an interview with The Washington Times. “I don’t have a criminal record. I own a business. I’m a family man, and I tried to explain that to [the officer]. But he had a bad attitude, didn’t want to hear my story. He just wanted to find that gun and take me away from my family. That was his goal, but he couldn’t do it, because I didn’t have a gun, like I told him.”

Mr. Filippidis‘ case earned the support of Second Amendment advocates and subsequent apologies from the MDTA. But an internal police review concluded his stop and search were lawful and did not violate police protocols.

Those findings, however, have not satisfied other out-of-state gun owners, who worry that they, too, have been targeted for minor traffic stops in Maryland because they have concealed weapons permits. Their stories are ...

Morning Mistress

The Cup Song With Guns..

Morning Mistress - New Years Edition..

A Healthy And Happy New Year To All!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Girls With Guns

If A Politician Says, "You Don't Need A Gun..."


Mission Accomplished..

More Of Al Sharpton, Race Hustler And Obama Confidant:

Al Sharpton's Tawana Brawley Rape Hoax Leads To Defamation Damage Payout 26 Years Later

A Graphic Example Of What Socialism Does To Human Progress...

A B-24J Liberator on fire over Austria, after having an encounter with German fighters.

B-24 Liberator shot down by Japanese anti aircraft artillery

"And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee!"

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