90 Miles From Tyranny : Propaganda In The Good Ol' USA?

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Propaganda In The Good Ol' USA?

It may be legal now, but ABC, CBS, and NBC have been spewing left wing propaganda since as long as I have been watching the news.  For decades, they have been shaping and molding the news, choosing which stories are important, and which stories to ignore. Where to concentrate their reporting, and what to ignore. They are curators of news, not reporters, they are cheerleaders of leftist ideas, and do everything to paint American values as less than wholesome. They have been devious and very effective in turning America against herself and leading us down a path that can only lead to destruction, anarchy, war and death.

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Glen Filthie said...

It happened in about the 80's. When it started the guys at 60 Minutes did an incredible job. They never tried to push a viewpoint, or an agenda, they focused squarely on the issues and the facts. As often as not, whether you were a conservative or a liberal - you would be forced to look at these big issues from both sides - and it provoke honest thought in everyone.

By contrast, Fleet Street in Britain, for example - had fallen to the rabble. Even back then the writing was on the wall and most everything you read in a British paper wasn't fit to print. America started to fall around then...and today you can't trust anything you read in a newspaper here either.

Of course, so it goes for the left. They've taken over the schools and now our universities churn out socialist morons, homosexuals, feminists and fools obsessed with political correctness. They took over the courts, and now we have feral negroes trying to protect vicious murderers and rapists... and prosecute the cops that simple do their duty to protect themselves and the public. They got control of the media and now they can't sell a paper. I will give you three guesses as to what will happen with Obamacare...

Thank God for the internet! And for freedom loving bloggers!