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Thursday, January 1, 2015

In 2015, The Fight Against Statism Will Continue...

In modern day America, the leftists have hegemonic control over printed media, digital media, film, documentaries, news organizations, search engines, gaming industries, entertainment and pretty much you name it, they have control over it with the exception of talk radio and the blogosphere.

I fully expect the left to expand their attempts to regulate speech and thought from individualists and right thinkers through political correctness, the expansion of the definition of hate crimes, termination of employment for expressing unapproved opinions, NSA and IRS targeting of non-conforming individuals, and other diabolical means the left will think up.

The right needs to start making movies that expose the evils of leftism, the most common antagonist in today's movies are corporations. Movies would be better with communist and Islamic antagonists.

We need to get out the message that all news is biased and all TV news is biased to the left.

I think we are making progress thanks to the internet, and this is exactly why we need to keep government out of it.

May 2015 be filled with health, happiness and liberty for all.

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John B. said...

The slingshot should be aimed at leviathan's nuts. :)