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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Girls With Guns

Mom Was Worried About My Trip To Chicago...

..I sent her this picture...

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6 Dead After Truck Collides With Anti-Trump Protesters On Freeway

A 32-year old hero driving a Waldrum Brother’s delivery truck is responsible for the death of 6 Anti-Trump protesters that were blocking traffic while chanting “Dump Trump” in the middle of a Seattle freeway.

The accident occurred near an I-15 off-ramp today around 5:15 PM. According to witnesses, a crowd of approximately 16 individuals pulled their vehicles to the side of the freeway and created a barricade by linking their arms together.

The protester’s actions immediately hindered the flow of traffic and motorists became upset at what many of them viewed as an unwanted obstacle preventing them from getting home after a long day at work. A few of the protesters were seen holding signs that read – “Not My President” or “Love Trumps Hate” and all protesters were chanting – “Dump Trump”.

After dealing with angry motorist for about 5-minutes, the group of protesters moved aside to allow the backed-up vehicles to resume their commute. Once a steady-flow of traffic resumed, the group of protesters once again linked arms to create a barricade for a second time.

It was at this time when Richard L. Porter, a 32-year-old Seattle resident employed by Waldrum Brother’s (a local appliance store) as a delivery driver quickly approached the chain of Anti-Trump protesters. According to Porter, he was driving with the current flow of traffic (around 80-MPH) when the obstruction created by the protesters seemed to appear out of nowhere.

By the time the protesters were visible to Porter – he didn’t have enough time to fully stop and though he did slam on his brakes and attempted to swerve, he ultimately...

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Girls With Guns

Hope For The Future...


White Hispanic Esteban Santiago Identified as shooter

Is This Him???

Must be related to White Hispanic George Zimmerman...

Ok, this is not him, the shooter is 26 years old.

People Are Running Again In Fort Lauderdale Airport, Miami Airport Security Beefed Up.

Im pretty sure this is the threat from the extreme right that Obama and Jeh Johnson has been warning us about and spending millions guarding against, where is the Southern Poverty Law Center when you need them? #SPLC

5 Dead So Far At Fort Lauderdale Airport - I am 30 Minutes Away From It...

Fort Lauderdale airport shooting: Multiple people killed, suspect in custody

(CNN)Gunshots erupted at the Fort Lauderdale airport on Friday, leaving multiple people dead.

Authorities say the gunman, who appeared to be acting alone, is in custody.

Here's the latest on what we know:

• Five people are dead, a law enforcement official told CNN.

• Eight people were transported to a hospital, the Broward County Sheriff's Office said on Twitter.

• Multiple reports on social media -- including tweets from former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, described the shooting.

• Gene Messina told CNN he'd arrived at the airport as people were being evacuated from the terminal.

"I got off the plane and I saw people running and screaming," he said. "At first I was in shock but when I saw TSA agents running, I booked."

• Investigators are looking into the gunman's motive, Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief told CNN.

• The shooting occurred in the baggage claim area of Terminal 2, officials said.


Chicago Field Trips...

Cybersecurity LEGEND McAfee: ‘Russian Hack’ Is NOT TRUE! (Video)

One of the most brilliant cyber-security experts has come forward to give his thoughts on the supposed Russian hack of the U.S. election.
I will be on @RT_America today at 8pm ET. I'll drop a bombshell on today's US intelligence claims. @realDonaldTrump I hope you're listening.
From RT:

The sloppiness of the alleged DNC hack by itself proves it was not organized by a nation state, and the “utter nonsense” presented as proof of Moscow’s involvement is rather evidence of intelligence agencies being “ignorant and naïve,” John McAfee told RT.

The so-called evidence of the Russian involvement in the hacks not only looks like “the most deceptive propaganda was perpetrated on the American public” but actually proves quite the opposite, McAfee believes…

Thus, McAfee believes, the whole “Russian hacking” narrative is either “propaganda intended to incite the American people, to anger toward Russia for some reason, or our intelligence community is so ignorant and naïve that they should all be replaced.”

Cybersecurity specialist believes that based on the presented evidence the hack “cannot possibly be an organized nation-state.”

Report: Obama to Free Gitmo Detainees Who Have Vowed to Behead Americans

President Barack Obama plans to transfer out at least 22 of the 59 detainees who remain at the U.S. military prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, by the time he leaves the White House, a move that will liberate jihadists who have threatened to behead and bomb Americans, the Daily Mail has learned.

In recent weeks, the number of detainees who are expected to be set free by the end of Obama’s tenure on January 20 has varied by news agencies from 17 to 19.

Earlier this week, the White House responded to incoming President Donald Trump’s urging to stop transferring prisoners out of Guantánamo, saying it plans to liberate more detainees before Obama leaves office.

The Obama administration reportedly told Congress last month that the sitting president would reduce the population of Guantánamo, also known as Gitmo, by 19 to 40 detainees.

Now, the Daily Mail reports:
President Obama is planning to transfer at least 22 additional Guantanamo Bay detainees out of the military detention center before...

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Girls With Guns

I Love These Vowels...

The Leftist Definition Of Success...

Presidential Nicknames...

The History Of Islam...

Handing The Mess Over...

Obama To Do List Before Leaving Office...

New GOP H-1B bill appears to fall short of Trump’s goal

In the first week of the new Congress, U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is attempting to win support for a controversial H-1B reform bill.

The bill, introduced Wednesday, is called the "Protect and Grow American Jobs Act" (HR 170) and co-sponsored by Rep. Scott Peters (D-Calif.). It is aimed at tightening, but not closing, a loophole in the visa law that has benefitted large H-1B-using firms.

Issa introduced this bipartisan bill last July. It faced some criticism and stalled in committee. The big difference this year is the impending inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

Trump has made clear that he wants to reform the H-1B program and appears open to legislation that accomplishes that goal.

But the reform measure pitched again by Issa may not go far enough for Trump based on ideas he outlined in the 2016 campaign.

Issa's legislation, which he said is in response to IT worker displacements at Southern California Edison and Disney, focuses on an 18-year-old loophole in the law.

In 1998, Congress adopted legislation approving a visa cap increase that also prohibited firms from displacing U.S. workers if they employed 15% or more visa workers.

The law also required a "good faith" effort by companies to first hire a U.S. worker. But in that same bill, lawmakers torpedoed these protections. U.S. workers can be displaced by...

Ann Coulter: The Great Southern Poverty Law Center Hijab Cover-Up

Forget fake news; the real issue is fake “hate.”

Has there been one (1) documented hate crime committed by white people against any hue in the Rainbow Coalition since Nov. 8? That’s out of the 9,456,723 hate crimes alleged by America’s leading hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

The SPLC is to “hate” what Rolling Stone is to rape. It is the biggest peddler of fantasies since Walt Disney.

I’ve read through dozens of SPLC “hate crimes” and they are all lies. The Muslim girls in particular seem to be very spirited liars.

Since the election, there have been vivid stories from across the nation of Trump supporters tearing off Muslim girls’ hijabs — at the University of Michigan (since retracted), Louisiana State University (also retracted), San Diego State University (that too was retracted), the New York City subway (again: retracted), and the University of New Mexico (no witnesses, won’t reveal attacker’s name or report the incident for investigation).

The main take-away from all these stories is: We sure have taken in a lot of Muslims! They seem to have trouble assimilating to American laws about not committing mass murder, but the good news is, when it comes to America’s culture of victimhood, they assimilate like fish to water!

This isn’t mass psychogenic illness, like when cheerleaders at the same high school all develop tics. It’s not even the Salem witch trials. At least the Salem witch-hunters believed in witches. The Muslim hoaxers are lying, and they know they’re lying.

Otherwise, they’d leave the country.

If Muslims want to convince me that they’re living in abject fear in Trump’s America, instead of rushing to the media, somebody’s got to leave.

I’ve heard endless stories about the reign of terror against Muslims, but have yet to hear of one single Muslim — much less a wave of Muslims — moving out of the United States.

It’s not as if they get depressed at the thought of abandoning the old ancestral home, where their great-grandparents are buried. They just got here!

If any Muslim were at risk of so much as a dyspeptic look from white Americans, there’s emigration as well as immigration.

But to the contrary, we can’t keep them out! They get huffy and give indignant speeches at the Democratic National Convention at the suggestion of a mere pause in Muslim immigration.

The greatest fear of Muslims these days is that they won’t be home when the “Today” show calls and will miss the opportunity to regale credulous hosts with stories about their victimization at the hands of white American men (whose great-grandparents areburied here).

The left has gone so insane that the SPLC, the main propagator of fake hate crimes, is the media’s go-to expert on hate. SPLC spokesmen appear on TV and defame all the people they hate: whites, Christians, Trump supporters, cops, frat boys and so on.

The SPLC is like the cult awareness groups taken over by Scientologists. Terrified parents would call for help in rescuing...

‘F**k Donald Trump, F**k White People!’: 4 People In Custody After Man Kidnapped, Tortured On Facebook Live

Graphic footage captured on Facebook Live showed a white man with special needs being tortured in Chicago by African-American assailants as they laughed and expressed their disgust for white people and President-elect Donald Trump.
Chicago police announced on Wednesday evening that they had arrested four people in connection with the crime, according to Fox 32.
The video, taken by a woman identified on Facebook as “Brittany Herring,” shows a white man tied up with tape across his mouth. The victim is shown being repeatedly hit, sliced at with a knife, berated and his clothes ripped off.

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The Real Housewives Of ISIS

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Girls With Guns

Bringing Love Of Country Back...

Borders, Language, Culture

Borders, Language, Culture. It's been said that borders, language, and culture are the essential elements of nationhood. Borders define the physical space a nation lives in the same way the property line around our homes or the walls of our apartments define the space that is ours.

A Field Guide To White Supremacists...

All this toxic whiteness...

The Real Obama Legacy...

Communists And Muslim Dictators, Oh My...

The members of the UN’s 2017 Human Rights Council is a murderers’ row of the world’s worst nations

Every few years, the United Nations puts its worthlessness on display and the amount of money the United States dumps into the global fiasco becomes a political hot potato. Recently, it was the actions and words of Barack Obama and John Kerry that had people talking. Their orchestration of anti-Israel resolutions sparked a round of saber-rattling about pulling US funding from the New York based 


Need another reason to defund this joke of an operation?

Take a look at the membership of the U.N. Human Rights Council. It's basically an international Legion of Doom, in which the planet's worst villains have joined forces in one of the greatest farces ever...

Left leaning ESPN Murdered in Ratings Last Year, Now Nearly Dead

One struggles to put into proper perspective the sheer collapse that has befallen the “worldwide leader.” Yet, while the final numbers from 2016 start to come in, that perspective has started to take shape.

Like this, from the sports media site Awful Announcing, “ESPN remained the dominant sports cable network leader in 2016 despite a 9 percent drop in each prime time and total-day viewership year-to-year. Its top program “Monday Night Football” averaged a 9-year low for its season and was down 12 percent from its previous year (11.4 million vs. 2016’s 12.9 million). Due to the unprecedented 2016 presidential election, ESPN (1.95 million) lost its cable prime time leader crown to Fox News Channel (2.466 million) by a margin of nearly 500,000 viewers.”

This is extremely generous to ESPN. First of all, never even for a moment did anyone seriously question whether or not ESPN would remain the dominant sports cable network in 2016. ESPN has become the Google or Xerox of sports programming, a monolithic branding presence resulting from essentially running unopposed among sports cable networks for decades. Oh sure, there’s Fox Sports 1, and they do a good job, though despite some recent gains FS1 still has a very long way to go before seriously challenging ESPN in any real sense.

Saying ESPN remains the leader in sports cable programming despite losses is the rough equivalent of saying Hillary Clinton remained the clear frontrunner to win the Democratic nomination, despite plummeting likeability numbers. She, and ESPN, both ran a rigged race in which the outcome was always known despite how awful they are.

Citing the election among the factors for why ESPN lost its coveted primetime spot to FNC in 2016 is fair. Yet, even then, there’s a backstory that’s more than meets the eye.

As Breitbart’s Daniel Flynn notes, “It’s tempting to cite Fox News’s growth and the country’s rightward shift to buttress the argument that ESPN backing the wrong horse led to its decline. But that misses the point. People watch sports to escape politics, not to encounter jock versions of MSNBC and Fox. America wants sports now more than ever. ESPN gives America frustrated political pundits haranguing its captive audience with heavy-handed political tirades.

“Is it any wonder that its captive audience made a...

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Girls With Guns - Israeli Army Babe..

Revealed: 1,000-Man Mob Attack Police, Set Germany’s Oldest Church Alight on New Year’s Eve

At New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dortmund a mob of more than 1,000 men chanted ‘Allahu Akhbar’, launched fireworks at police, and set fire to a historic church.

Already by 7 pm a man was hospitalised with first-degree burns to his face and hands after fireworks were hurled at a group of homeless people outside the city’s main train station. More than two dozen people were injured at festivities in Dortmund, some seriously.

The events of the night were described as “quiet” by police in a statement, and as “normal” by a spokesman for the city government.

But at 11:30pm police announced they were adding to their already much larger than usual presence in the city centre for New Year, sending in further reinforcements of officers.

This came after the force reported there being a “large number of young men from North Africa” in town, with federal police officer Volker Stall noting there was an “aggressive mood” towards the public and police.

At midnight, the situation threatened to escalate. A livewire published by the Ruhr Nachrichten reported that a crowd of “at least 1,000 young men” began throwing fireworks into crowds of visitors, which also included families with children. Asked by officers to stop, the mob turned to pelt fireworks at police instead.

Despite the prohibition of lighting pyrotechnics near churches, firemen had to intervene after fireworks were launched at St Reinolds, Germany’s oldest church, setting the roof alight.

Also reported by the Ruhr Nachrichten was that “a group of Syrians sang in celebration of the ceasefire in Syria.” However, a video posted to Twitter by one of the newspaper’s reporters, paired with the caption “Syrians celebrate the truce in their country”, shows a group of men chanting ‘Allahu Akhbar’ around the flag of al-Qaeda and Islamic State collaborators, the ‘Free Syrian Army’.

Did You Get Mother What She Wanted For Christmas?

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Merkel To The Rescue...

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