Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pamela Geller – Critical Mass May Still Save America – Merkel Taken Germany, Europe To Point of No Return

After Time Magazine announced German Chancellor Angela Merkel as their “person of the year” for the destruction of Germany and Europe in facilitating the Islamic invasion, Pamela Geller offers her insight into just what Merkel has done and how she will be remembered by history.

Geller described the declaration as being typical for Time, noting that they had also named Adolph Hitler the man of the year at one time. She said, “Merkel will go down as a key figure, a single figure in the destruction of Europe.” She says “This is one large conspiracy we’re witnessing and the media and academia and political elites are responsible for the destruction of the West. I mean, what Merkel did was unforgivable. That number’s going to be 2 million and they’ve reached the point of no return.”

She continues, “And they’re heralding the Muslim invasion as quote, humanitarian crisis, well let me tell you something. They heralded the Islamic supremacist revolutions that destroyed the...

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