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Saturday, November 19, 2016

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#BoycottHamilton Trends After ‘Hamilton’ Cast Members Harass Mike Pence

The hashtag #BoycottHamilton became a top trend on social media Saturday after cast members from the popular Broadway show Hamilton lectured Vice President-elect Mike Pence from the stage on Friday night.

Pence was apparently booed as he took his seat. As the performance concluded and Pence exited the theater, actor Brandon Victor Dixon lectured him about how a “diverse America” is “alarmed and anxious” about the incoming Trump administration.

“We, sir — we — are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights,” Dixon said as Pence exited the...

Six Things Every American Should Know About Sen. Jeff Sessions

1: The First U.S. Senator to Endorse Donald Trump for President

Sessions was already familiar with Trump when the developer came to Capitol Hill to testify about proposed renovations to the U.N. headquarters in 2005. Trump argued that the proposed $1.5 billion cost was outrageous estimating that the actual cost could be done with $700 million.

Sessions called Trump’s testimony “a breath of fresh air” and thanked him for showing Congress how to save money.

In September 2015, Trump traveled to Washington D.C. to attend a rally against the Iran deal. He met with Sessions afterward, prompting speculation that the veteran senator was open to endorsing Trump.

In February 2016, Sessions appeared at a rally with Trump in Mobile, Alabama and endorsed him for president, a blow for his senate colleague Ted Cruz who was also running for president.

“I told Donald Trump this isn’t a campaign, this is a movement,” Sessions said. “Look at what’s happening. The American people are not happy with their government.”

In August 2016, Sessions wore a ‘Make Mexico Great Again Also’ hat while Trump outlined his tough positions on illegal immigration.

2: Leading opponent of amnesty:

Sen. Jeff Sessions is undoubtedly the biggest opponent of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Sessions repeatedly denounced establishment members of both parties who worked hand in hand with top members of the business community as “Masters of the Universe” who worked behind closed doors to plot the legalization for...

Media schizophrenia: You Are Being Lied To...

Every quantum leap in mass communications also made possible a vast improvement in propaganda techniques. Nazi and Soviet propaganda looks as crude to us as a Babbage calculating machine. Virtual reality isn’t something that’s coming. It’s here. It’s been here for a while. The potent combination of media budgets and crowdsourced social media distribution has allowed for a previously unparalleled level of propaganda that creates and inhabits its own virtual reality.

There’s a name for that sort of thing. Schizophrenia.

What happens when the schizophrenic media reality collapses when it comes into too sharp of a conflict with reality is the same behavior that schizophrenics exhibit when their perceptions of the world conflict with the real world.

Propaganda is a very effective tool for managing a population

The people venting and rioting and screaming were living in a cozy reality. Everyone in that progressive reality understood that history was on their side, that the majority was with them and that the right was a decaying mass of racists and corporations soon to be swept away by the tide of change.

But this wasn’t reality. It was a carefully constructed narrative that fooled even the people who were building it. It was a virtual world overlaid over the real world. Its narratives were so integrated with the real world that it seemed as if it were real. There were stories and polls. Everyone in their social media bubble, except a few crazy uncles agreed with...

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Crusty Trump...


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Hillary Tries To Say Make America Great Again Without Actually Saying Make America Great Again...

To CNN, Burning Down The White Suburbs Is A Call For Peace: War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength

Watch What He Does With This Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle...

Walmart Fireworks Display: INSIDE WALMART!!

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Social Justice Warriors Are Pathetic... #Trigglypuff

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Late Night Creepy...

Friday, November 18, 2016

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Collateral Damage - The Left's War On Coal

While I applaud MRC for making this documentary, I cannot help but wonder why this film was released 9 days after the election, rather than 9 days before it... 

Unmitigated Joy And Celebration!

I truly believe that Barack Obama hates this country. He may give it some lip service to preserve his credibility on this but his actions speak for themselves..

The destruction he has already caused may only be matched by what he does in his last few days....

God help us.

Want To Be Free?

Trump’s Amazing Victory Against a Stacked Deck

While the media and the Democrats are in disarray over last week’s elections, it looks like President-elect Donald Trump’s honeymoon is over before it even began. While there may have been a few reports in the past week that were simply factual about Trump’s transition team and process, virtually all of the reports in the mainstream media have been negative and even hostile towards Trump, his transition team and his supporters.

The media meltdown that accompanied Trump’s victory last week has been a sight to behold. How could they have completely missed this outcome?, they wondered. Most of the articles—such as those by The Washington Post(sampling, weighting and voter estimation), The New York Times(misunderstanding major swaths of our country), and Pew Research(underestimating Trump’s support and “non-response bias”)—attempted to explain away their acknowledged failure. Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager John Podesta are blaming the media, and FBI Director James Comey for his public comments on the ongoing investigation into Hillary’s mishandling of classified information.

But this misses the larger point. In spite of a thoroughly biased and corrupt news media and popular culture that worked their collective hearts out to rid the country and the world of what they viewed as an uncouth, dangerous egotistical businessman and reality TV star, a significant majority, as measured through our Constitutional system of the Electoral College, chose Trump over...

BREAKING: Trump Offers Attorney General Position to Sen. Jeff Sessions

There has been a great deal of talk about who would be President-elect Donald Trump’s Attorney General. Rumor had it that Ted Cruz was being considered, but a source within the Trump team recently confirmed that it is not Cruz who will be offered the position.

Jeff Sessions, Senator fro Alabama, will be offered the position of U.S. Attorney General, CBS News is reporting.

The choice does involve....

Deport Illegal Aliens That Voted In The Election

You Illegally Voted In The U.S. Election?

That Is Anti-American.

That Is Anti-Constitution.

That Was A Criminal Act.

Illegal Alien Criminals MUST Be Deported.

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German Swimming Pools Ruined by Refugees

Deutsch schwimmbad vorbei Flüchtlinge ruiniert

Hot Pick Of The Late Night

Ted Nugent on President Donald J Trump - You have got to see this!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

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Trump Is An Infidel!

Gun Control?

Now That Trump is here to protect the 2nd amendment, I am hoping the price of AR-15's come down so I can pick one up...

Cubans in Cuba are cashing U.S. Welfare checks...

With the upcoming Trump administration, Florida Representative, Carlos Curbelo thinks that “we’re gonna see a change in direction. “

According to him, it will be substantially different to the Obama administration’s handling of foreign policy because Obama “has this policy of unilateral concessions. All of our enemies seem to get whatever they ask for, and our country gets very little in return… Under this new administration, we’re gonna see better deals.”

Specifically, Curbelo is going to be focused on policies relating to the United States’ relationship with Cuba.

“I’m focused on, specifically, and I have been for some time now on reforming our Cuban refugee policy. Today, any Cuban who arrives in the United States is automatically treated like a political refugee,” he said before going on to explain the frustrations over abuse of the system.

“There’s a lot of abuse of this policy. For example, there are people living in Cuba today who are cashing US welfare checks. Their relatives here in the United States cash their checks or receive the funds by transfer. That was not the intention of...

Uninstalling Obama...

This Malware Has Got To Go!

100 Percent Complete! Marxist Malware Has Been Removed!

Does This Make It All Better?

VA Whistleblower Quits His Job, Says Agency Put Him In An Office With Zero Computers And Social Contact

Brian Smothers, a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) employee in Colorado, resigned after alleging serious retaliation in the wake of his disclosure of unauthorized wait lists.

Smothers said Wednesday the VA tried to bully him into admitting via a signed statement that he violated the rules when he went public with his concerns about mental health wait lists, The Associated Press reports.

According to Smothers, who worked on the PTSD support team in Denver, various VA facilities in Colorado have placed patients on unauthorized wait lists for mental health since 2012 — all the way until September, 2015. The purpose of the list, Smothers said, was to hide how long veterans were actually waiting for care, a theme so familiar in VA scandals around the country. At the...

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

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Reagan On Trump...

Democrats Show Their True Colors...

Democrats Are Such Hypocrites...

MEDIA WAR ON TRUMP=> Top 28 of 35 US News Stories on Tuesday were Anti-Trump Hit Pieces

Memeorandum posts and auto-generates the top political and opinion pieces of the day on one webpage. The site tracks the top stories daily based on links and traffic.
The top stories on Tuesday show the absolute anti-Trump bias by corrupt American media.
28 of the top 35 articles are anti-Trump hit pieces.
The headlines include:
— Trump Transition Shake-Up Part of ‘Stalinesque Purge’ of Christie Loyalists
— Was Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s Attack Dog, Paid Illegally?
— There’s No Such Thing as a Good Trump Voter
This is what Americans are being fed in propaganda each day.
The corrupt media is on a mission to destroy Donald Trump.

it is only a matter of time before the GOPe join in.
Here’s a snapshot from Memeorandum
TOP ITEMS From Memeorandum from Tuesday night: 
 The Huffington Post:
—  The self-proclaimed government outsider is having trouble finding people to..

Tech company CEO who threatened to assassinate Trump . . . is no longer a CEO

What a funny guy! This would impress his liberal friends for sure!

Matthew Harrigan, who up until yesterday was CEO of a tech company called PacketSled, took to Facebook in the aftermath of the election and declared his intention to assassinate Donald Trump. Here is a screenshot of his second Facebook post on the matter:

Tech company CEO who threatened to assassinate Trump . . . is no longer a CEO.

The first one said he was going to get a sniper rifle and perch himself where it counts, whatever that means.

Anyway, the PacketSled board didn’t get the joke, and Harrigan is now unemployed.

See? Trump is already killing jobs! Well, only of people who want to kill Trump.

Now clearly, Harrigan is an idiot and shouldn’t be treated as representative of all the people who oppose a Trump presidency. Even most of the protesters and rioters aren’t contemplating anything like assassination.

But I do think it says something about the atmosphere the Trump-haters have fomented, before the election to be sure but especially after it. You’ve got a guy like Joss Whedon going around saying...

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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None Of My Business...

The Left And Their Simpleton Logic...

About 6.1 Million Illegals Filed Taxes in US – Many Didn't Pay, Received Refund

In the last presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Clinton said that “half of all” illegal immigrants in the U.S. “actually pay federal income tax.” PolitiFact, a Pulitzer Prize-winning fact check organization, investigated Clinton’s claim and reported: “While there is no official figure, experts estimate that about half of all undocumented workers pay federal income taxes, if not more.”

In reality, the polar opposite is true. Federal government data shows that while roughly half of illegal immigrants file federal tax returns, the vast majority of them don’t pay any federal income taxes. Instead, they use these returns to claim refundable tax credits, which are a form of cash welfare. In other words, illegal immigrants mainly use the federal income tax code to collect money from U.S. citizens.

Reliable Data on Illegal Immigrants Is Scarce

Federal law generally prohibits illegal immigrants from earning income in the U.S., but many of them do so by working for cash and by fraudulently using Social Security numbers. A 2013 report by the Social Security Administration notes that illegal immigrants get Social Security numbers by using ...

Leftists Be Like...

Trump to Designate Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist Group

This is, indeed, wonderful news. These terror-tied groups have been operating unchecked under the Obama administration — worse still, he partnered with many of them.

Muslim Brotherhood groups like CAIR, Muslim Student Association, Islamic Society of North America are terror-tied groups that must be prosecuted under the full extent of the law.

Under Obama, the Department of Justice is engaged in collusion with the country’s most dangerous and subversive jihadist groups. And this is not just Department of Justice (DoJ) policy. It’s the policy of the Obama administration.
For years my readers and I wanted to know why there were no indictments and prosecutions of the Muslim Brotherhood co-conspirators (CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MAS) named in the largest terror funding trial in US history (here, for example). Obama and Holder have scuttled them, much the same way as they dropped the voter intimidation charges against the Black Panthers...


Billionaire oligarch George Soros may have pissed away millions of dollars on the now defeated Clinton restoration but he isn’t about to stop writing checks. With his organized racist mobs currently taking to the streets to spread anarchy in opposition of President-elect Donald Trump, the blood-sucking Hungarian ghoul has convened a secret session with infuriated Democrats who are looking for payback against the legitimately elected president.

According to Politico “Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power'”:

George Soros and other rich liberals who spent tens of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton are gathering in Washington for a three-day, closed door meeting to retool the big-money left to fight back against Donald Trump.
The conference, which kicked off Sunday night at Washington’s pricey Mandarin Oriental hotel, is sponsored by the influential Democracy Alliance donor club, and will include appearances by leaders of most leading unions and liberal groups, as well as darlings of the left such as House Democratic leader...

Trump's election finally sets stage for H-1B reform

President-elect Donald Trump gave laid-off IT workers something his rival, Hillary Clinton, did not during the campaign: Attention and a promise to reform the H-1B visa program.

The IT workers that Trump wanted to appeal to don't work for startups, Google, Facebook or Microsoft. They run IT systems at insurance firms, banks, utilities and retailers. They live in Rust Belt cities and in New York City, but are too spread out for pollsters to measure.

Trump recognized that IT workers are aggrieved and so did Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), who worked with the president-elect on this issue. Sessions, after being appointed in early 2015 as the chairman of the Senate immigration subcommittee, set out to become "the voice of the American IT workers who are being replaced with guest workers."

Sessions emerged as one of the visa program's harshest critics. He is now set to play a major role in a Trump administration.

Trump has appointed Sessions' chief counsel, Danielle Cutrona, to head his immigration policy transition team. Sessions is reportedly being considered to head the Department of Homeland Security (which oversees the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service), Department of Justice (which can investigate discrimination complaints), or the Department of Defense.

"Trump was the only candidate to invite me to share my horrific Disney story at his rallies, and Jeff Sessions was the only senator to invite me to testify at a Senate hearing," said Leo Perrero, a former IT worker at Disney who trained a visa-holding replacement. Disney laid off somewhere between 200 and 300 IT workers after hiring H-1B using contractors.

With Republicans in control of the Congress as well, Perrero said, "I am very optimistic that action will finally be taken."

After Southern California Edison (SCE) replaced a major part of its IT staff last year, Sessions took to the Senate floor and...

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Monday, November 14, 2016

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The Majority Of Americans Voted AGAINST Hillary Clinton

Don't let them tell you otherwise.

The Popular Vote, voted AGAINST Hillary Clinton.

The majority of Americans voted to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

Future Articles From Nate Silver...

I took a Screenshot Of Nate Silver's Election Prediction Yesterday at 2:30 PM

Leftist Tears...