90 Miles From Tyranny : We Should Never Listen to Stupid People, Especially Children

Friday, August 30, 2019

We Should Never Listen to Stupid People, Especially Children

All this media hysteria surrounding Global Warming hoaxtress Greta Thunberg and gun-grabbing fanatic David Hogg does serve one vital purpose… We’re reminded that all children are stupid.

You know, most cultures revere their elders. Sane cultures understand that those who have been around a while, who have lived a little, who have attended the school of hard knocks and accumulated some real world experience and the wisdom that comes with it, might just be the very people we should listen to and get some advice from.

Oh, but not our culture, not Disposable America, not a consumerist society so enamored with the shiny and new there are no more repair stores, because why get something fixed when we can just chuck out the old one and get something Shiny and New from our favorite Big Box Store Shiny & New — you know, the superstore in the shiny and new strip mall where the old man had his repair shop and there was that family restaurant we used to eat at all the time, at least until Ruby Tuesday took over the vacant lot where our kids played ball until we gave them iPhones…

By all means, let’s chuck out the elders and … listen to the children.

By all means, let’s embrace the ideas of a generation running up trillions of dollar in student loans for a useless degree before they even have a job.

By all means, let’s ignore stuffy concepts like wisdom and experience. Instead, let’s hand our futures over to teenagers who have never paid a bill, never faced a real responsibility, and have no idea what it means to be on your own in a tough and unfair world that you’re gunna have to crack open if you want a place for yourself.

By all means, let’s hand the power to shape the world over to those who were sitting in their own poop on 9/11.

Better still, let’s hand our futures over, not just to children, but to spoiled children, to children who already have their own yacht, to someone right out of Children of the Cornwho sports a black arm band and says things like, We’re just waiting for you die.

Yep, that’s who I want in charge of...

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  1. the defining moment in a childs life is when they begin to think for themselves and question all they were taught. we now have two generations of adult children who never had that particular defining moment.

  2. That Lil Girl looks like Demon Spawn to me. Damn, she is cross-eyed too. Bless her heart, yawl.

  3. She is UGLY TOO, like her Momma I reckon.

  4. Let us listen to the children? Not when they are the Children of the Corn, (AKA an apocholyptic
    death cult) that is calling for the deaths of 9 out of every 10 people on the planet. Scratch
    ANY environmentalist and you will find a totalitarian Stalinst, a neo Malthusian, an abortion
    absolutist and a follower of the Eugenics movement, which was the inspiration for Adolph Hitler!

    Whoever brainwashed this uneducated girl needs to be arrested for child abuse. She as no idea
    that leftist collectivist movements always start by sending their true believers to the death
    camps. They destroy their own because it is easier than having to deal with the disapointed
    masses who were promised a utopian future and discovered they were conned!


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