90 Miles From Tyranny : This Driver Should Have Died...

Friday, February 22, 2019

This Driver Should Have Died...

This Idiot Does Not Deserve To Remain Unscathed...

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  1. Deserve? I don't agree. Hopefully no one else died. Rather amazing what the truckers did to spare a life. Must be China, our truckers, too many of them foreign, hate American drivers. No, they did well in God's eyes, especially if forced bureaucraticly, to be Godless. I guess communism fails, even when it won nationally and has complete control.

  2. Misread... thought it said deserved to die.

  3. light poles. down in altus oklahoma, the used a lot of oil well drill rod for light poles because, well, back in the sixties and seventies, there was just a lot of used drill rod laying around. I had one of my airmen killed when he lost it and hit one. pushed the engine thru his chest and cut his nova down the middle too the back seat. did not even bend the light pole. I'm going to be kind and say they knew better after that, but I doubt they ever replaced them. don't know about texas, but if your motoring thru rural western Oklahoma small towns, have a care and good luck.

  4. Lost friends in Florida similarly. Not the same build, I think the poles, however, were made hurricane resistant? Headon at 65, with designated driver, all were ripped out of the car. All were critical, one drowned in an inch of water... too torn up to roll. Don't know if any of them made it. Impossible to keep up in the service.


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