90 Miles From Tyranny : Watch Deadly Shootout Between an Officer and an Illegal Alien

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Friday, February 22, 2019

Watch Deadly Shootout Between an Officer and an Illegal Alien

Blue Lives Matter: Napa Valley County Deputy Riley Jarecki fired at least 15 rounds at Javier Hernandez Morales after he began shooting. She spotted him parked the wrong way and started questioning him when he soon opened fire.

Hernandez Morales drew a .22-caliber revolver and immediately fired at least one round directly at the deputy.

“Hernandez Morales fired from close proximity, essentially without warning, and it’s pretty obvious to us he intended to kill her,” Undersheriff Crawford told the San Francisco Chronicle on Wednesday.

Somehow she escaped death, but he didn’t. Listen to how young she sounds in the video below.

Fox News reported this morning that he had been deported three times.

“It really can’t get any more clear than this,” Napa Valley County Undersheriff Jon Crawford told the Napa Valley Register. “It’s graphic, it’s brutal, it’s sudden. Realistically it’s just a great reminder that we need to stay vigilant.”

ICE regrets that these criminal aliens are allowed to roam freely and that California prevents their law enforcement partners from cooperating with them.

Watch this graphic shootout:

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Aesop said...

Notice how calm she sounds in the video.
Right before she punches his ticket with 15 to the torso.

His final "Ayyyyyy!" as he's getting properly ventilated is satisfying.
Only 39,999,999 more to go.

capt fast said...

empty the magazine into the bastard. just like she was taught. drag his ass out face down and cuff the body. then taser it to make sure. I am happy she had a vest on that night and hope it was effective for her.