90 Miles From Tyranny : Gov. of Puerto Rico urges constituents to go vote in ringing endorsement of Donald Trump

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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Gov. of Puerto Rico urges constituents to go vote in ringing endorsement of Donald Trump

How times change …

Three years ago, Democrats and their media allies relentlessly slammed President Donald Trump for allegedly bungling his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria.

To hear them tell it, the president was responsible for every Puerto Rican who died as a result of the hurricane. If this refrain sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same one they’ve adopted amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Yet despite the left’s insistence that Trump had failed — and that
he’d done so purposefully because he “hates brown people” — Puerto Rico Gov. Wanda Vázquez Garced, a brown woman, has endorsed him, el presidente, for the 2020 race.

“I ask all Puerto Ricans who are listening to go vote. They have to go to vote, exercise their right to vote and evaluate who has represented being a person who thinks about Puerto Ricans and their needs at the most difficult moment. It is Donald Trump,” she reportedly said this week in an interview with Telemundo.

To be fair, she’s a Republican.

Last year, the president made headlines again as it pertains to Puerto Rico by posting tweets slamming the island state for its rampant corruption:

He wasn’t wrong, as the evidence has shown time and time again. Just earlier this year, in fact, the authorities found a warehouse full of emergency supplies that had never been delivered during Hurricane Maria in 2017 because of corruption.


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mac.mcgovern said...

She is not a Republican. The farthest right PR goes is Democrat. The other major party believes that the rich families should run PR with as little middle class as possible and plenty of proles. The third party is independentistas who shot up congress, set off bombs and robbed Brinks(or maybe a different one)Their dems want statehood. The other guys want to be left alone to fleece the island. This governor may be honest about wanting more funds to rebuild and rehabilitate and Trump is trying to get Pharma back on the island. It could also be that she figures that endorsing Trump might keep her out of jail