90 Miles From Tyranny : Paul Krugman Reminds Me Of A Perverted Little Elf

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Paul Krugman Reminds Me Of A Perverted Little Elf

That has a horrible little secret that he thinks you know he has, but he is never called on his horrible little secret so he sits there with this evil little guilty smirk on his face, that horrible pregnant little smirk like he knows that a bucket of water is about to be dumped on you and he sits there waiting for it to hit you and he can barely contain his glee at this proposition.  He is a disturbing little man.  He is a sick, scary, awful little perverted elf.


Anonymous said...

That's O K let him sneer and giggle all he wants . I crack a grin myself anytime I encounter someone of his ilk , knowing they are grossly overplaying their hand.

Anonymous said...

His Giddy Glee-like thinking---that sodomy is "good" and a "Right" although he does not believe in God-Given Rights, but Satanic Rights---which is so fitting to that twisted, ugly soul. (That Marxist "warped" logic is so obvious on that twisted, sickly face.) May God help us, since these evil warped irrational things have taken control over MSM and our government and have total control of public schools to warp (condition and brainwash) the thinking of our children. Get your kids out of public education (massive group think factories) so they don't become another irrational Krugman.