90 Miles From Tyranny : Words Of Wisdom From A Filthy Marxist...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Words Of Wisdom From A Filthy Marxist...

She's A Hypocrite, Marxism Bears The Heaviest Chains On Freedom Of Them All..

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  1. A major problem with atheists, communists, socialists (all the same thing in some senses) is that they believe there can be a life without difficulty, pain, ties, debts, duty, responsibilities, and such. It is a childish dream, with no means of being fulfilled. The reason they have been so successful, is because their promises, to the ignorant, sound fantastic. The reason they have been so murderous when they gained power is because they couldn't keep a single promise and their was no hope of doing so. Instead of admitting error, they just murder anyone who might natively disprove it, anyone who has the wealth to attempt to fund the socialist notions (while murdering the golden goose), and anyone who might notice the discrepancies or evil of the system.

    Spoiled children, from Stalin to the green demon next door, to the politician who wants to give your money to someone else for not working, especially if they are criminal. Tolerance for these types of people and politicians needs to end.


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