90 Miles From Tyranny : The Republican Victory Is A Rejection Of President Obama

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Republican Victory Is A Rejection Of President Obama

President Obama’s net negative rating across key battleground states was a staggering 30 points.

With numbers like that, it’s not at all surprising that the Republicans took control of the Senate tonight, especially considering the polling going into today’s contest.

The GOP has been ahead or tied in 11 key Senate contests for the past few weeks. While it looked like Democrats were going to hold North Carolina, the unpopularity of the president and the Democrat agenda was overpowering.

Democrat turnout was disappointing despite a tough ground game and tremendous get out the vote campaign.

To be sure, the Democrats were facing a serious challenge from the start. “This is probably the worst possible group of states for ...


  1. Exactly. Republicans didn't win, Democrats lost. Republicans had better take some notes. If they can do nothing, they better look like they did everything (except cave) to get things done. The reversal of waves in the last four elections haven't been telling politicians they are doing good. They have all been rejections. Rejections of the electorate only stay on the ballot just so long before either the government is literally or virtually neutered. Just saying. I am already to that point, mind you.

  2. Republicans never made any motion to repeal NDAA Provision 1023, or any serious opposition to the NSA spying, or the Patriot Act. They have not done any serious action on IRS and BLM abuses either. They have done very little to stop the wasting of money on assistance programs, useless government studies, redundant agencies, and myriad of costly middle management positions in the government and its contractors. The trend over the Obama years is to voice loudly against something, maybe do something half hearted, then back off and go with the Democrats.

    I do not see them doing much with their new majority. Not that it will matter, with Obama's pen and abuse of executive authority.

  3. 90 Miles deserves some credit for yesterday's big wins. Keep up the great work!


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