90 Miles From Tyranny : Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #948

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Friday, February 10, 2023

Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #948


Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #945


MMinWA said...

Rep Lauren Boebert barely escaped being fraudulently put out of office in a solid R district. If I were her, I'd be spending a lot of my fucking time while she has some power making sure the next time they don't succeed.

Because she's got a bullseye on her back.

boron said...

Please keep 'em comin'

Rich said...

Yup. Liberal leftist demoncraps are the scum of the earth and there's a lot of scum out there. She needs to be protected physically because if they can't get to her by framing her they will try to take her out. The left is a sick leprosy on the world. I for one am finished being tolerant toward that filth.

Anonymous said...

India ended their Covid outbreak after about 8 weeks by issuing Ivermectin and/or Hydroxychloroquine to every citizen. Yes. a lot of people died. However most of the deaths occurred before widespread distribution of the two drugs became possible.

A Duck Duck Go search on the query "How did India end its Covid outbreak" showed results of articles contrary to the above statement from all of the usual .gov controlled propaganda outlets in many countries because, you know, those two drugs are cheap and effective.

It's not until you scroll to the bottom of the first results page that you find the truth.

India then denied Pfizer and Moderna from distributing their jabs because neither company could or would demonstrate the efficacy of that treatment alternative on India's population AND because the Indian government REFUSED to hold both companies harmless from claims of jab injury or lack of efficacy.


JG said...

Obvious India was correct about the vaccines