90 Miles From Tyranny : Berlin: Students should not call police on migrant sexual offenders

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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Berlin: Students should not call police on migrant sexual offenders

According to the student council of the Free University of Berlin (FU), women should not call the police when sexually harassed by migrants. Although an immigrant is alleged to have repeatedly sexually harassed women at the FU, the ASta student council warned against calling the police for help.

The General Students’ Committee (AStA) of the Free University of Berlin (FU) warned in a circular email not only against a man who has repeatedly sexually harassed and threatened female students for some time now, but also against calling the Berlin police if they come into contact with him. People who meet him and feel harassed by him are strongly advised not to do so. Instead, they should first contact the university’s security service.

Alerting the police could lead to “police violence” according to the council. “We would like to point out that police interventions for people affected by racism are always accompanied by an increased risk of experiencing police violence,” the AStA letter stated. It is said to have been sent to the university groups and student council initiatives last week.

According to the letter, the man has repeatedly appeared at various buildings at the FU, which is dotted around the area of Dahlem in southwestern Berlin. He has been threatening students for several weeks and has behaved in an aggressive and intrusive manner towards women. So far, he has not physically assaulted anyone, but there have been repeated threats of violence. He is said to have stalked one person for some time.

Complaints against migrant continue

Also according to the FU, complaints of harassment continue to be lodged. Upon request, the FU confirmed “that in the past there have been several complaints from university members about harassment on campus by a person not affiliated with the university”. This person has been banned from the campus and measures have been taken to ensure that this ban is adhered to.

For reasons of data protection, it is not possible to say whether this is the same person who was pictured and named in the letter from the AStA. The Berlin police meanwhile confirmed a complaint about a sexual insult from December.

According to the AStA, the alleged racism is not the only reason for not calling the police. From their point of view, the officers are “not sufficiently trained in dealing with exceptional psychological situations”, the letter continued. Therefore, such operations are often “escalated by the unnecessary use of force”.

Such a concern does not take into account the dangers for a potential victim, but rather exonerates the perpetrator in advance, since the latter is often in...

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Matthew said...

Unnecessary my ass, the "migrant" in question would undoubtably benefit from a well-placed use of force, followed immediately by a quick trip back to his shithole of origin.

Mind your own business said...

Apparently, there are no longer any German men, who would have been able to solve this problem without intervention by any authorities.

Anonymous said...

Names, address, contact info, and a photo of the shit piles that wrote this crap should be posted all over the collage. See how long ideas like this last then

Anonymous said...

'Diversity is our Perversity'...at the university.