90 Miles From Tyranny : I Have A Plan To Use Pokemon Go As A Tool To Kill ISIS

Saturday, July 16, 2016

I Have A Plan To Use Pokemon Go As A Tool To Kill ISIS

Here is my plan to Kill ISIS with Pokemon Go:
(it's brilliant by the way)

First we wait until ISIS is bored with beheadings,  abusing their slave girls, throwing people with comfortable shoes off of building's, mutilating people, and, ok, well you get the drift.

We know they have smart phones, we know they play games on them. So we enable Pokemon Go in the regions that ISIS is in. In fact, we specifically target known ISIS phones. (Ok, here is the brilliant part:) We create a special Pokemon, a very rare Pokemon, we put the Pokemon in close to them but away from buildings and such. We have drones watching the area, we wait until a large crowd has gathered. 

We make this Pokemon Go exceptionally hard to capture, kind of like this:

(i'm hoping the video displayed...)

Then, yeah we bomb the crap out of them. In total ashes to ashes, dust to dust style.

Their slave girls will be happy, the guys on tall building row (a play on death row? ok, not so clever, sorry) will be happy, in fact, most people who still have their heads attached to their infidel bodies will be happy. Well, almost everybody. Everyone except for CAIR, CAIR won't be happy, and oh yeah, the Muslim Brotherhood won't be happy, oh, and Valerie Jarret won't be happy, and yup, Huma Abedin won't be happy either (Huma is Carlos Danger's wife BTW).  

Ok, so that was not exactly brilliant, but if it is effective that's all that matters right? Oh, and the name of the Pokémon? 72 virgin martyr.  Yeah?  

Just a quick note, 72 virgins was mistranslated, you don't get 72 virgins, you get 72 raisin's and they are not even California raisins, because you don't deserve California raisin's, you deserve only THIS. HA! 

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Pokemon Go.

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