90 Miles From Tyranny : This Is Why We Cannot Compromise On The Second Amendment

Sunday, July 10, 2016

This Is Why We Cannot Compromise On The Second Amendment

Incrementalism will destroy the Second Amendment.
Resist ALL attempts at Gun Control.


  1. The problem with "compromise" on gun rights is that there is never a concession from the anti-gun side. It''s never, "You give up this, this, and this and we'll grant you that". There's never a "that". It's always an erosion of gun rights without any give or real compromise on the anti-gunner's part.

  2. Some Second Amendment/Gun Rights links... https://www.facebook.com/notes/joe-kidd/some-second-amendmentgun-rights-links/784788348200389 #2A everyday!

  3. Haha. Nice argument. But we don't have the second amendment over something as scholarly as an intellectual support of other constitutional amendments, most of which are NOT God-given rights.

    We have the second amendment for self defense. Taking away your right to keep weapons is the surest evidence that the people taking it away intend to kill you and they would appreciate you not resisting them doing it.

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