90 Miles From Tyranny : Harf’s ISIS job plan based on “opiate of the masses” concept

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Harf’s ISIS job plan based on “opiate of the masses” concept

Last week, State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf hawked the administration’s rationale behind individuals joining ISIS and other terrorist Islamic groups: they are poor and crave nothing more than a good job. The concept is as old as Karl Marx (older, actually, if you go back to ancient gnostic teachings) who said that religion is “the opium of the people.” Evidently, the Obama administration is still reliant on the communist explanation of why one turns to religion, even one with the barbaric, murderous practices of an ISIS.

The educated elitists that populate the president’s staff have thus arrived at the obvious answer to the dilemma of ISIS—create jobs for the poor unfortunates who turn to religion when all they really need is work. Setting aside what they learned at university to utilize real sense, they should consider facts that apply to eastern cultures as well… lacking truth about what is right, immorality will ascend in power.

How it can be beyond rational people to understand why lost youth run to join a cause, even one as hateful and murderous as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), is the...
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  1. Ginsu knife stands? Now give 'em start up money.

  2. The administration is too late. Somebody already gave the misguided utes their steady jobs. The job title is Jihadist. The problem is they like it and are getting better at it daily.


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