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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Feminized "Men" Of Europe...

In May 2014, I wrote this article:

A Perpetual Rape Orgy Is Occurring In Sweden Right Now

In the article, I wrote "What Color Skirts Do Swedish Men Wear?

Swedish Men Have Been Silent, But The Men From Amsterdam Have Answered:

yeah. Pink and Black.

There are some signs of hope; In Sweden, Germany, and the UK, there are groups beginning to form to fight back against the politically correct self-suicide liberals in their respective countries.


  1. So, what's the gig. Are they supposedly in solidarity with the women or are they trying to suggest they want in on the sharia'ing of their women? If they are in solidarity, that is fail. If they are getting in line for their share, Europe is lost. Though I suspect their cities are like ours, wastelands. Something to note, there are more, and just as violent, immigrants in America per capita than there are in Europe. I guess the major difference is Americans are voting for foreigners.

  2. Hypothetically, if I were going to go on a well-planned murderous rampage throughout Europe, I would get in with a group like this for cover, then help them plan a multi-country tour schedule. Or lots and lots of events in my hometown. but that's just hypothetical, since I don't live in Europe and am not homicidal, even on a bad day. So, I have no need for things like planning alibis and "premeditation".


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