Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Most Loyal Dog: Hachiko before his burial in 1935

The Japanese dog was famous for his incredible loyalty. His owner passed away and didn't come home on his usual train one evening in 1925. Hachiko returned to the station every day and waited for him to come home for 9 years until his own death.

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  1. I've owned Akitas since I was 22, partly based on Hachiko's story. I can tell you from more than 25 years living with these dogs - there is not one bit of invented romanticism in that story. These dogs are magnificent.

  2. My big fuzzy baby is only part Akita, and possibly the best dog I have ever owned. Smarter and better mannered than most of the troops I have dealt with, and as loyal as the day is long. Hasn't been forced to attack yet because no one has called her bluff while we go running.