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Friday, May 30, 2014

Vintage Smut

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Doom said...

Now that pic is funny. I did laugh. Quaint, the drama, and all. Laughed well and powerfully, if mostly on the inside. And mostly a twisted rye thing.

Then I thought about the reverse, as is my lot in life. I had already had sex... hmm... some number of times before I ever looked at "it" (theirs). ARgherjoaufdh! What the... I couldn't believe something so ugly could feel that good. It was a bit of a shock. Mind you, I was still quite young. I started rather early. Teh thing from Mars, or summit like that. Never mind, just thought I'd share my part of the gig. And see if you also had such a first impression.

I don't think we dress for proprieties sake. We do it because some parts ought not to be seen on a regular daily basis. Used, perhaps, but not seen. Teh horror, teh horror...(tm)