90 Miles From Tyranny : Rep. Omar: We’re Telling Biden to Use ‘Executive Power’ to ‘Create an Economy that Works for Everyone’

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Rep. Omar: We’re Telling Biden to Use ‘Executive Power’ to ‘Create an Economy that Works for Everyone’

During an interview today on MSNBC’s program “Live With Ayman Mohyeldin” Rep. Ilhan Omar basically told the host that progressives like herself were telling Joe Biden to use executive power to reshape the economy so it “works for everyone.”

Omar and her friends also want Biden to use executive power to declare an emergency over “climate change” and to reshape the country accordingly.


If President Trump had tried to use executive power in the way Omar is asking Biden to do the Democrats and the media would have gone insane with rage and called him a nazi dictator or something similar.

But with Biden they’re encouraging it. Sad, disgusting and entirely predictable.

Read the whole thing, it’s important to know how these people think:

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