90 Miles From Tyranny : Russians Are Very Jaded...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Russians Are Very Jaded...

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  1. I truly hope that isn't what jaded means. Hmm... then again, I think you are writing as if that is a bad thing, which in some circumstances it is. I just don't come from those circumstances. I'm not sure, if this is the definition of being jaded, whether I am and if that is so wrong in my case. Interesting and thought provoking though. Some people, who do some things, must be able to keep their heads. I suppose you are correct, civilians shouldn't be quite that aplomb.

    Oh, but as to Russians... Just the other day I was thinking about them, regarding this. As some of the most, almost cheerily, fatalistic people I have met, known, or read of, Jewish Russians even more keenly so than standard, I do like them for this. Up to a degree. Most have been secularized to the level of robots, yet for this characteristic there is some hope, if a dark one usually. It entertains me. I realized my understandings are harsher. While there is hope, even in my views, there isn't a chance. The light at the end of the tunnel, in my case, isn't potentially a train. It is a train, it will kill you, it will hurt a lot as it does so. But, beyond that, and there is a beyond, there is hope. Never mind, just... thinking out loud again.

  2. I tried to make some sort of sense of the above comment but to no avail. Never mind.
    I think that the lady acted with aplomb, So? A tree fell right where I was going to bin my rubbish? Not a problem. The bin I wanted was opened for me.


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