90 Miles From Tyranny : Silence Will Be the Next Hate Crime

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Silence Will Be the Next Hate Crime

Attacking so-called "hate speech" has proven an effective Trojan horse technique by BLM and Antifa social justice warriors, who have incorporated Critical Race Theory (CRT) into their pernicious plans to dismantle the Constitution. After all, who wants to defend hate speech? But connecting the jurisprudential dots reveals that the whiter-than-snow "cause" of inner-city black suffering is the battering ram to bypass the very liberties that nurtured the abolitionist and Civil Rights movements. Might this chaos extend even to the point of criminalizing silence as hate speech?

CRT does not hide its plans. Quoting Audre Lorde, BLM brazenly declares:
For the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change.
Note that "genuine change" means attacking good police, burning black businesses, and physically assaulting people whose ideas you don't wish to hear. Actions speak louder than words: "genuine change" means destruction, not healing; hate, not love; dictatorship.

United States Supreme Court precedents hold that Nazis rightfully assemble on state land, and the KKK has a right to preach its hate on public streets. These are classic liberal court cases, a product of the once-tolerant left. Yet today's far left says the First Amendment is an instrument of oppression, not liberty:
CRT scholars have critiqued many of the assumptions that they believe constitute the ideology of the First Amendment[.] ... [I]nstead of helping to achieve healthy and robust debate, the First Amendment actually serves to preserve the inequities of the status quo; there can be no such thing as an objective or content neutral interpretation in law[.] ... [S]ome speech should be viewed in terms of the harm it causes, rather than all speech being valued on the basis of it being speech; and there is no "equality" in "freedom" of speech.
This slippery slope eviscerates the First Amendment: the issue in Skokie was whether government may ban speech by Nazis that Jews (including actual Holocaust survivors) found deeply traumatizing. The Court held that "feelings" are not a standard to proscribe speech.

CRT "scholars" seek to splice a host-killing new gene into America's constitutional DNA, to alter that standard of "speech that incites violence" to "speech that makes snowflakes melt." If speech is "viewed in terms of the harm it causes," what harms are inflicted to others' Constitutional liberties if their speech is prohibited because of the potential subjective insult to the hearer — as with, say, Confederate flags, or religious scriptures, or the misapplication of evolving pronouns? Next up are "microaggressions" and the crime of silence.

The left abuses the very free speech protections it seeks to destroy, telling others their "silence is violence" (silence as hate speech!). Meanwhile, BLM and Antifa employ violence-inciting speech that is not protected by existing law (see, e.g., Brandenburg: speech is not protected if it is "likely ... to incite imminent lawless action"). In fact, Facebook has censored conservative free speech that would be shielded under existing precedent while advancing unprotected incitement-to-violence speech by BLM and Antifa. Here is revealed the "brave new speech world" of CRT.

Critical Race Theorists wish to eviscerate the Constitution and replace it with...something undefined:

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  1. "The Court held that "feelings" are not a standard to proscribe speech."

    Well that's all about to change, now isn't it!!!


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