90 Miles From Tyranny : When You Control The Speech, Anything Is Possible....

Saturday, January 9, 2021

When You Control The Speech, Anything Is Possible....


  1. ...and Winston loved Big Brother.

  2. I'm not on social media. But the few people that I know who are online are all reporting that any images or memes like the first one here are being suppressed or banned by our new overlords, the "independent fact-checkers". Apparently quoting the media's own words is "disputed or possibly misleading information"

  3. If the media doesn't start to treat the right honestly then we are not far away from gun fire.

  4. I see the same crack team from the FBI that swooped down on the garage where they found that door pull…er…I mean that noose, have found the guy that put his feet up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk and arrested him. Great work huh?

    After all of the arrests the DOJ and FBI made of antifa and BLM burning down 100s of businesses, looting and attacking people in their homes, pulling down statues, setting churches on fire, why what did these white supremists think when they had the nerve to enter the Capital? Oh wait, the FBI didn’t arrest any antifa after they caused 100s of millions in damage? Sorry my bad. I guess they mean to make up for that with the nation wide manhunt underway for those rascally Trump supporters.

    I saw the union for Airline Stews came out in favor of not honoring tickets for any Trump supporters going home.

    Josh Hawley’s book publisher ripped up their signed deal because…Trump.

    I also note that that silly thing of suspending people that use their platforms has now turned into outright permanent bans. Really, why bother with 24 hour suspensions when you know these miscreants are just gonna come back and spout that crazy freedom stuff again?

    Say how long before we’re back to the good old days of $5(or more) gas and relying on those whack jobs in the ME? I say a year.

    I also see preparation in the House to require registration of all firearms and new taxes on ammunition. That didn’t take long.

    Wonder how long before Puerto Rico and DC are states?

    There’s an old adage that goes like this. Someone asked a formally wealthy man how he went bankrupt and he said slowly until all at once. That’s a good metaphor for our country isn’t it? How could this country have ever turn communist? We all watched year by year as our schools kept churning out millions of young adults taught to hate our traditions, culture and history. Watched our kids go off to colleges and come home radicalized. Saw the lies and propaganda spewed 24/7 by the media. Saw millions of illegals given literally trillions of dollars with millions more coming now. Little by little until they figured, really what will the chumps do?

    They were right.


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