90 Miles From Tyranny : WTF.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021



So I want to see what is going on in DC, I can't bear to watch Fox News With Brett Baier, I turn down one channel to CNBC, and Shepard Smith Is crying about Patriots trying to save the Union, and protect the constitution, so I turn down one more channel and serial Liar/Bragger Brian Williams is on with guest hosts Rachel (trump tax returns) Maddow And Islamic Communist Traitor John Brennan.

I mean... what is this, some kind of surrealistic dark comedy with a tragic theme?

Why do I even have Cable TV?

I feel like this is the spring of our discontent.

True Story:
My best friend, who is also the guy who made me listen to Kiss until I started to like them said to me that "All Kiss Songs are about sex", I looked long, I looked hard, and I finally proved him wrong. This song "Get Away" was the one song I found (as of about 1978) that was not about sex... and today it describes how I feel...


  1. KISS sucked then and they still suck, they played 3 cords and made tons of $$, I still do not care for their music...I like Steve Miller!

  2. Hang on there. Truth shall overcome.

  3. They made tons of money while sucking.

  4. 'Beneath,Between,Behind' by Rush seems appropriate today

  5. Why indeed do you have cable TV? I killed that shit about 1990. And honestly, I'm about to pull the plug on my internet bookmarks. If I see one more resist or wait till 2022 or hold strong, I'm gonna puke.


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