90 Miles From Tyranny : Remember Pollock Jokes?

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Remember Pollock Jokes?

 Look At Poland Now, Surrounded By War Zone Idiots...


  1. Pollock -I thought that was a fish. Maybe try Polack jokes. Personally, I never thought any of 'em were humorous.

  2. It should be Polack. As one, I had workmates get upset for me when someone told me one. I just turned around and said "But now I have a new Italian/Irish/German/Swedish/French joke".

    A lot of the history of Poland and it's people parallels the origins of the United States. Pope JPII, the Soviet Union.

  3. But this is simply a map showing Muslim population density. Oh wait....

  4. The conclusion I drew decades ago was that it was insanity to allow any moslims to emigrate here. Nothing has changed.


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