90 Miles From Tyranny : Oldest Human Tool Use Thrown Back To Two Million Years Ago....

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Oldest Human Tool Use Thrown Back To Two Million Years Ago....

An interdisciplinary team of researchers have unearthed the oldest stone tools at the oldest archaeological site in the famous Oldupai Gorge, popularly known as the Cradle of Humankind. Their discoveries also reveal how the earliest hominins coped with climate change two million years ago.

The new study is published in Nature Communications and provides an ecological perspective on early human adaptability two million years ago. It is focused on Ewass Oldupai - the oldest archaeological site in Oldupai (formerly Olduvai) Gorge. The study demonstrates how hominins adapted to the region’s diverse environmental conditions over a 200,000 year period.

New interdisciplinary field work has led to the discovery of the oldest archaeological site in Oldupai Gorge, which shows that early humans used a wide diversity of habitats amidst environmental changes across a 200,000 year-long period. ( Michael Petraglia )
Discoveries at Oldupai Gorge, the Famous Cradle of Humankind

Oldupai Gorge is a very important paleoanthropological site located in Tanzania in the Great Rift Valley. For more than a century, researchers have been excavating in this area, and cumulatively they have found hundreds of fossils and stone tools which date back millions of years. The site was made famous by Louis and Mary Leakey and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

EurekAlert! reports that, despite the long history of surveys and excavations at the Oldupai Gorge, there has been a lack of ecological studies associated with the cultural remains which have been found there. This allows the new study to cast light on the environmental contexts in which the early hominins lived:

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  1. Notice they don't even get out of the first paragraph without mentioning climate change?

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