90 Miles From Tyranny : Radio Host Called For Police to Shoot Trump Supporters Before Killing of Ashli Babbit

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Radio Host Called For Police to Shoot Trump Supporters Before Killing of Ashli Babbit

Biden supporters celebrate her death on Facebook.

A leftist radio host called for police to shoot Trump supporters less than an hour before Ashli Babbitt was shot dead at point blank range during yesterday’s chaos in the Capitol building.

Four Trump supporters were left dead following the bedlam that unfolded yesterday, with authorities only revealing that the other three had died from “medical emergencies.”

Shocking footage shows Babbitt, a 14-year Air Force veteran, being shot in the neck by a police officer who deliberately aimed at her before gunning her down.

Before the shooting, innumerable leftists were on Twitter demanding the police use lethal force to disperse Trump supporters, including some with sizeable platforms.

Shelagh Fogarty, a host on Britain’s biggest radio network LBC, responded to a video showing Trump supporters scuffling with Capitol Hill police with the words, “Shoot them.”

Fogarty tweeted out the demand for violence to her 88,000 followers.

After Fogarty was confronted about her tweet, she blamed “white supremacists” and subsequently claimed, ” I want nobody shot,” despite directly calling for people to be shot.

She later deleted the original tweet, admitting only to...

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  1. And we have pretend republicans who have asked that we, American citizens and patriots refrain from confrontation and violence. They are afraid that our energy will be directed at them, as it should be. We must clean out the traitors and grifters within before we can take on the enemy outside.
    If I am to die by the hand of someone else, I will die fighting with every ounce of energy I possess. I will not lay my head on the block willingly. I will not kneel before tyranny. All the politicians can eat sheet and die for all I care.

  2. Mike, I despair for America. I cannot even sleep tonight over this horrific situation. And I am Canadian!


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