90 Miles From Tyranny : Virginia Republicans Were Idiotic To Have Democratic Partisan Chuck Todd Moderate A Debate

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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Virginia Republicans Were Idiotic To Have Democratic Partisan Chuck Todd Moderate A Debate

It is absolute madness that a partisan liar and conspiracy theorist such as Chuck Todd would be anywhere near that debate stage.

How in the world did the Virginia GOP permit Chuck Todd to take part in the debate between Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe and Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin this week? How did that happen? Has the Virginia Republican Party learned less than nothing in the last 10 years?

Chuck Todd works for MSNBC, one of the left-wing cable news networks. He has spouted every single anti-Republican conspiracy theory Democrats have cooked up in recent years. He has personally participated in the censoring of real news and discussions that might harm his allies in the Democratic Party. He pushes for left-wing policy positions such as gun control, COVID lockdowns, and teaching racism to young children.

What was he doing as a “moderator” in a political debate on which he is a key Democratic activist? Seriously?

Todd deceptively edited a video of former Trump administration Attorney General William Barr and claimed he said the opposite of what he said. He lied about whether any Republican House members supported the first impeachment of President Trump. They did not, but he claimed one did.

Ignorant of all Founding Fathers’ views, he claimed that some Republicans don’t “believe in the Constitution” because they believe rights come from God. He rudely and belligerently pushed for his pet policy of gun control in a wreck of an interview of Rep. Steve Scalise, a House leader who had just been shot by a left-wing activist. An employee of the far-left MSNBC outlet, he blames Fox News, where this reporter is a contributor, for Americans noticing that the media are corrupt and biased.

This is who Virginia Republicans think should moderate a debate?

Todd is also a bitter clinger Russia conspiracy theorist. That theory was secretly bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign, fed to colluding media figures, and weaponized by corrupt intelligence officials.

Todd was one of its most enthusiastic pushers. He said the imaginary collusion was worse than the War of 1812. He claimed to believe the lies were “not a hoax,” as President Trump repeatedly claimed. He called the truth about the dirty operation a “conspiracy theory” and brutally disparaged — to the cheers of adoring media and other Democrats — Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin for his truthful statements and attempts to push back on...

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1 comment:

MMinWA said...

I've gone back & forth with the Republican Party here in Clallam County. Worthless fucking zombies. Not one candidate has anything to say about election integrity or lack thereof. Not one candidate even mentions the unreal spending of trillions of dollars of fairy dust money. No pushback on the mask & "vaccine" mandateEvery GD thing is a platitude. No concrete solutions are offered just we have to take care of those hardest hitblahblahblah

Makes me sick. Literally half, and I'm sure more, of this country has NO representation.