90 Miles From Tyranny : Florida Will Be Invasion Free....

Friday, October 1, 2021

Florida Will Be Invasion Free....



  1. DeSantis has BIG, BRASS ones!

    GOOD ON HIM!!!

  2. Someone ottsta send him a felt lined jock strap and a good metal polish.
    Apply the polish in the felt lined jock strap so it could bring them to a fine sheen as he walks.
    Don't Just take the buses. Use them to deliver to DC.

  3. Is this the author of the Bracken Anthology? That guy seems to have predicted ALL of this! If you haven't already read his books, pick them up.

  4. I love having a real governor....but the rest of the country needs to stay away....we're crazy down here....no, I mean it....it you are a liberal daisy or fruit cake, stay the fuck away, for your own good....consider this fair warning....

  5. I sure wish I could find an official proclamation of this instead of a meme!

  6. Impoundment is not a final disposition of property which is taken. Confiscation or forfeiture is final. So... this sounds good but more info needed. What is the final disposition of an impounded bus or plane?

    Until I know that, I'm not impressed.


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