90 Miles From Tyranny : Did You Fall And Hit Your Head As A Child??

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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Did You Fall And Hit Your Head As A Child??


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Doom said...

Around here, while there are some who would still do it if they weren't so easy to sway, most have stopped doing that. Public mockery got them, first, to stop wearing masks alone in vehicles. Pointing and laughing actually works. Then, they stopped doing it with their spouses/families (at least around here, families still consist of a man and a wife, the rest really don't count and we don't care what freaks do). Finally, they stopped wearing them in the public, after being assured, many many times, that the mask can't stop a virus, not even quadrupled.

Stores stopped the mandate because we stopped shopping, or severely curtailed our trips. Choices... mask mandates or shoppers. I didn't mind not shopping for a while, learned how to save money, cut back. Hurt themselves, they did, once I realized I really didn't need them as much as I had thought. Check.