90 Miles From Tyranny : Maricopa County Fraudulently "Verified and Approved" Mail-In Ballots

Monday, September 27, 2021

Maricopa County Fraudulently "Verified and Approved" Mail-In Ballots


  1. I already knew, no matter the findings, nothing would be done. If they press on, the courts would merely deny any process. The choice has been made at the highest levels. Options are slim, and difficult.

  2. No matter what evidence is found, the illusion of an honest election must be maintained, if for no other reason than the next election....

  3. The checking of voting and ballots for 10 years showed that voter fraud has been going on for each voting cycle. They did not check what the votes were for but just there was illegal votes cast. This indicates the voting process needs to be corrected. The 2020 voting mess will not be fixed as the elites want it as it was and they could have corrected it. The question is: will 2022 be honest?


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