90 Miles From Tyranny : Nets Spike Durham Subpoenaing Another With Clinton Ties in Collusion Hoax

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Friday, October 1, 2021

Nets Spike Durham Subpoenaing Another With Clinton Ties in Collusion Hoax

On Thursday, Special Counsel John Durham made more moves in the investigation into the origin of the Russia collusion hoax. Again, the person in question is a tech executive with ties to Hillary Clinton, plus ties to the man charged with feeding the FBI false information about then-candidate Donald Trump having a secret server to communicate with Russia. Of course, this latest development went right into the newsroom wastebasket of the broadcast networks who ignored it that evening.

Only the highest priorities and news judgment from the liberal media were on full display Thursday evening.

Instead of covering how another person in the Clinton orbit was under the legal microscope, ABC’s World News Tonight chose to try to boast about President Biden supposedly leading negotiations with his party to save his agenda. On CBS Evening News, they were busy touting how Biden would arrest and deport fewer illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, NBC Nightly News was hyping the lineup for the Super Bowl Half Time Show next February.

Then there was Fox News Channel’s Special Report, where anchor Bret Baier made the story a priority. “Also breaking tonight, there is more movement in the investigation into the origins of the Trump/Russia collusion probe. The special prosecutor, John Durham, is going after another individual with connections to Hillary Clinton,” he announced.

According to the reporting from Fox News correspondent David Spunt, the man in question, Rodney Joffe was linked to Michael Sussmann, the man who presented false information to the FBI against Trump and falsely presented his affiliations:

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