90 Miles From Tyranny : Rachel Maddow Dedicates Entire Show To Chris Christie Traffic Prank

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rachel Maddow Dedicates Entire Show To Chris Christie Traffic Prank

Rachel Maddow was silent on Fast and Furious.
Rachel Maddow spent a little time attempting to argue that the IRS scandal was not mainly against the right wing.
Rachel Maddow ignores the multitudes of scandals, unconstitutionality, the march towards tyranny, or any of the myriad abuses of power the Obama Administration commits on an almost daily basis.

But what grabs Ms. Maddow's ire?  A traffic prank.

Warmist Gun Grabber, Chris Christie is facing the breathless onslaught of the leftist media finally with a real scandal to uncover!  The evil traffic pranksters! This will certainly be the top story of 2014 and the media is on it like lard on the first shadies wife.

Warmist Gun Grabber, Chris Christie issued a fatwah:
“I am a very sad person today,” the governor said. “I am heartbroken that someone I permitted to be in that circle of trust for the past five years betrayed that trust.”

Ok, wait it looks like MSNBC is completely full court press with wall to wall coverage of breathless impassioned reporting on this MAJOR story, the energy and glee they exhibit, foretelling of the end of Christie's presidential run. Finally the moribund doldrums are over and these journalists have a story of real hard hitting news to tell over and over! This is the essence of journalistic reporting, these months and years of no political news, have finally ended. The joy and thrill these hard nosed reporters must feel!

I could give two shits about Christie. He should not be the Republican nominee.

For MSNBC? I feel only disgust at these despicable propagandists.

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