90 Miles From Tyranny : When Does Concrete Turn To Dust In The Wind??

Saturday, February 6, 2021

When Does Concrete Turn To Dust In The Wind??



  1. I installed satellite earth stations and data centers before I retired. One of my techs quit to go work with a wind turbine company as an installer some 15 years ago. He got an instant $7 an hour raise where he was working 60 hour weeks strait time. I bumped into him 3 years after he left us and he clued me in on the cost, failure rate, and the environmentally bad side effects from this "green" technology. I have never been a fan of the wind power.

    IMO we also are not technologically advanced enough for solar power or battery storage. We might be in the 25 to 50 years but the resources to produce a solar panel to the power it will yield over its lifetime is not a good return on investment. Then the best battery we can produce is a lithium battery. We need better.

  2. And the making of concrete is VERY energy intensive. It is one of the larger emitters of carbon dioxide, because to calcine limestone creates carbon dioxide.

  3. Not just the concrete, the fossil fuels burned for all that steel will never be recouped by a single wind turbine unless is runs at capacity for the entire lifespan. Wind is a joke.

  4. Concrete can be recycled but it is extraordinarily energy-intensive to do so.


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